Chief: “the strong, determined and IDF run of power,” chshnidersh

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The comments were made during a ceremony honoring the wounded operational in 2014 that exist today, which stressed Lt. General Gantz “facing the challenges of the future, the IDF will continue to operate
Knowing that behind him stands with strong

תאריך: 06/10/2014, 23:15    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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Award ceremony for wounded operational in 2014 was held today in the presence of Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe (bogey) Ya’alon, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff Forum members, IDF fighters wounded during the year and commanders.

He discussed the challenges of change in the various sectors. “The challenges around us.
Raiders and wearing such a moment, but they are there-making complex and require alertness, vigilance and constant readiness, “said Lieutenant General Gantz. “We are following the changes in the various fronts in Lebanon, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, Judea and other circuitry ensure Israel citizens that even today, IDF and strong run of power, chshnidersh.

This year the IDF indicates 41 years after the Yom Kippur war, and according to the “Cliff” fighters are fighting their successors ever since. “Poanecm wrote many stories, and I am convinced that the IDF will continue to grow more some generations of fighters and commanders,” Lieutenant General Gantz. “All this is done in an unprecedented collaboration,
By land, air and sea, controls the marchers at the front of the power lead their subordinates-to understand the importance of mission and responsibility and together with the mission.

“Facing the challenges of the future, the IDF will continue to operate in the knowledge behind it with strong trust and believe in him,” said the Chief’s status please mention and remember our friends who fought alongside us and where the battlefield, as well as citizens of the State of Israel that have lost their lives in battle. Ethan ‘ Cliff ‘ system mentioned the Israel people always known. citizens and residents are entrusted to people who, by commanders
And dedicated fighters, morality and, in your hands you “.

During the ceremony were wounded award certificates and medals of expressing the IDF Kit and lachimatm security system in operation “Cliff” and dedication to maintaining the security of the residents of the State of Israel in the last year.

Stories of several combatants were presented during the evening, including the story of a ‘ sting ‘ which was rescued by a friend serving in a combat unit 669 and a doctor who was wounded alongside
The Warriors next to it — but be sure to treat all who only could before turning himself to the hospital.

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