Civil aviation in combat: the air force is preparing for the next campaign.

מטוס קרב בדרך לתקיפה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The force increased cooperation with the civil aviation authority in order to reduce damage to the airline by name in Israel: “we can’t let the enemy take that property-this is a national destination

תאריך: 25/11/2014, 17:23    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

During operation “Cliff”, interrupted the first ever international flight to Ben Gurion Airport, by steep-towards Israel territory. In order to reduce damage to civilian flights for me in Israel, cooperation between the air force and the Civil Aviation Authority grows.

“There is a need and a desire to preserve international airport during combat,” Commander of the outgoing control value in the air force, Colonel (Res.) ran turgeman, theConference annual civil aviation held in IAF House today (Tuesday). According to him, the national target. “We can’t let the enemy take that property,” he said. “The national target to keep the country open.”

Israel’s civilian airport is influenced also by the increase in availability of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations following the weakening of the neighboring countries. According to Colonel (Ret.) 994, this in addition to the threat the aircraft staffed the increasing threat on freedom in Israel. The threat is conducted through a joint preparatory work of the air force and the civil aviation authority.

“There are very few places in the world that deal with similar situations we deal with dimensions”, said Colonel (Ret) 9. “Israel’s busiest airspace.
We operate a manned and unmanned, there is also in civil aviation and emergency, active defense, aviation and sports sensors. In this space we have to activate the systems that enable us to distinguish between a ‘ hostile ‘ members. It requires
Us to maintain constant contact and successful practice prevents triumphant “.

As mentioned, during operation “Cliff” could not keep his civil air activities freely, given the threat of tech (surface-to-surface missile) for the State of Israel.
It was decisions to enable successful interception percentage. In operation, the air force will create a more liberal policy that has yielded results of over 90% in the control room, at the expense of higher risk to civil aviation. Accordingly, the civilian flight restricted this space throughout the operation.

“In principle we follow principle of interception is diagnosed – only if we intercept a missile hits the target in trouble,” said Colonel turgeman. “It allows air breathing length Intercept of a target not going to produce any unnecessary disturbances causing damage in the air and endangering the residents below the intercept space. Therefore, we work to not produce selective interference, “explained.

“The ability to protect and work with civilians in a tight space is special to Israel and made only in light of cooperation and trust, who were successful in the exam”, said Commander of the outgoing control value. “These operations are more complex and therefore we are constantly moving forward.

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