Classified archives documents reveal the story behind the creation of charge

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60 years after the historic decision, documents are exposed here presents the story behind the move that strengthened the IDF intelligence, through
For information dealing with the Middle East the possessor

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The intelligence wing finds himself faced in recent years with a series of new and significant challenges,
Requiring him extraordinary adjustments. Units and the wing specials thanks to changes in endless to deal with strategic reality that changes constantly.

Head, codkoda charge of the machine resulting from today’s intelligence amounts prior years can only dream about, is one of the most significant figures in the Israeli security; But with the establishment of the IDF-IDF intelligence heads was just
All the top class in the Operations Directorate.

Sixty years ago, on 28 December 1953, the official IDF intelligence separated into an independent Department in the General staff, even after the Ribbon Moshe Dayan decided to strengthen so that such a significant impact on Israel’s security history. Classified documents approved for publication and is included here for the first time reveal the background to the decision and details.

Classified archives documents reveal the story behind the creation of charge

One of the vehicles fees. Document archive footage courtesy of the IDF and the security system

On 20 December 1953, in the first joint debate conducted as head of General Staff Moshe Dayan, an inexhaustible source for friction in the military and of the Intelligence Department in the Operations Directorate to the subject directly to the Chief argument was born not out of political friction, but a substantive question: whether to adopt the model of American military intelligence or that.

The head of the Intelligence Department until 1950, major General (Ret.) Chaim Herzog, who was educated by the British military tradition on many of its doctrines, the IDF format down the intelligence agenda glove (currently אמ”ץ) on the grounds that the intelligence information reach through joint operations Directorate, which examines the modiainis deliverables according to NOC. The reason argued that the producer the military operations to get the information from intelligence officials to process it for the required operations and submit to them of decision-makers as part of the operative program a fait accompli.

On the other hand were those who supported the American model, which States
That intelligence to be as directly to the staff and to serve as an arm. The supporters of this approach contend that big disadvantage that makes intelligence subjected to operational planning, and so it is not fully independent and directly to vertices.

This reality, political disputes that led to the rejection of Chaim Herzog’s request to attend a meeting, one popular with Moshe Dayan when he became Chief of staff in 1953. “The Intel will be part of אג”ם, “declared Lieutenant General Moshe Dayan in open forum session he would be popular. wing or he will bear a different name as determined by insiders-to run not only through the bond, but will be directly related to the Chief (…) we know from the various discussions were during the previous years-what is importance of intelligence, and the desire to increase it and carry it out Dept.
For more “. Another reason specified Dyne rendered she gave a touch of political issues, which requires direct contact with the Defense Minister.

Classified archives documents reveal the story behind the creation of charge

Major General yehoshafat harkavy, writes that bonds are posted here.

Lieutenant Colonel Jehoshaphat harkavy, gave head, served as head of the Intelligence Department (after having Benjamin gibli, the staff, went to study abroad). After the announcement of Moshe Dayan, Lt. Col. Abdullah puppet fee he writes: “I can emphasize the importance of this decision for us. However, the position of the General Staff Intelligence Department has always been special, and had a direct link to this Chief a crucial step in our development which in terms of importance if only it will resemble a response of building intelligence
No change in event to yield and the stavrotho celebration-and claim all the intelligence man efforts. “

Classified archives documents reveal the story behind the creation of charge

In his historical being released here for the first time, writes that “the intelligence vehicles is the first Defender firewall. We reside in the heart of the Middle East, most of the vicissitudes and shocks, must know and know what is happening around us. ”
60 years later, the shock and upheaval in the Middle East just escalates.
My nutritious Jolt Jolt, as intelligence officials indicate. “It opens us love and zeal and intelligence missions fill and add”-1996, and thousands of soldiers.
Intelligence and conduct.

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