“Cliff”: Beck who thwarted the attack on harmless restores event

רב”ט טיטל. צילום: חיל הים

When shmhablim tried to invade the country, cpl. Noa Joe was there to identify and place forces: “the only way and passing abilities, reports
My mission accomplished role. “

תאריך: 21/08/2014, 15:20    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן
חיל הים

When PIP creeped in Noa, chemical control, was finishing her shift she identified two heads born from water. At the same time showed cpl.
PIP iron designers and not flinch until the scan has recently come to an end, after a few
Hours. “After that, I looked and saw bullets flying around the IDF bombers in the dunes. Then I saw them emerge and begin to shoot ”
It describes the harmful intrusion attempt to warn him in time to prevent the attack.

The intention to carry out an attack was known in advance, so the IDF operations in the area increase accordingly, and post captains okapzzo to secure your place, and outlines the updated scans. According to CPL. Joe, thanks to higher alert is able to identify
The terrorists.

At some point the event joined the first two terrorists two ropes and also
A massive exchange of fire-starting against a security post and later against significant forces such as bees, infantry, helicopters and more. “During all the event kept the lights on means of observation and discovery, and just passing on what I’ve seen,” cpl. Joe.

When cpl. Joe shamhablim ‘ felt immense relief. “It was strange to see the explosions from so close,” she shares. “At the end of the event, I called my parents and told them about the event, they already knew from watching the news,” she continues. In the same conversation she wondered the mother of cpl. Noa Joe how managed to identify the terrorists without knowing that her daughter was Beck that led to discovery. “When I told her that I was very proud of me,” she says.

“I was in the right place at the right time.”

Despite the pride, the credit doesn’t credit cpl. Joe. “Each
The day was the same as the terrorists, I was just in the right place at the right time, “she explains. “I can’t accept ‘ special mention ‘ for scanned and recognized them.
This is my destiny, “she stresses.

This is the first time the party look attack targets in the Gaza Strip. “During the operation we attack Hamas targets and quality”, says the captain who commanded the assault ships, Captain, from the point of view of the waves.

Shark patrol Commander, too, a number of operational vessels took part in foiling the attack.
“At some point the terrorists stood between the hammer and the anvil, between shooting from the beach to our fire until hit. The fighters were very professional and kept calm throughout the incident. They’re trained for it “, told IDF site captain, Commander cruiser.

In addition to bees, attacked targets in Gaza for the first time during operation “Cliff”. Lightning Cruiser attacked a number of targets, some of the apparatus. “We had a very high motivation after the bombing, heard about him before we left,” describes the Cruiser Commander, Captain. “We felt the same thing in practice. It’s the same thing, do training and even click that button. The only difference was that this time-released a “.

Translated from Hebrew