“Cliff”: listen to the HFC’s defense saved lives

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Damage control teams of home front command continue to update following each
Fall event, analyze the event scenes and refocus issues guidelines identified gaps

תאריך: 30/07/2014, 15:23    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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A successful compliance: guidelines for civil defense, Israel aimed at helping people to do all they can to prevent and minimize damage as a result of rocket fire, have proven themselves in operation “Cliff”. Several cases of directly recorded, but
Due to the guidelines set out the occupants of the damaged houses. The home front command to be updated in real-time every injury, inspect it and if necessary to update the guidelines to the public.

Damage control teams of command are in standby – pop-up structure direct hit the area quickly in order to examine the extent of the damage. “Every bullet that hit home arrived to see the results. To check whether it is necessary to change the guidelines, if we see a new weapon has no effect when “.
Explain cell Engineering Department, Lt.-Col. (Res.) Gabi.

Terrorist organizations in Gaza are trying to increase the range of missiles and the extent of the damage. As a result, if falling rocket with especially large warhead-damage control teams role is to locate, to prepare correctly the nape. “On the site
The event we’re looking for pieces, checking the type of spray, the scope of the page, the size of the resulting crater and damage RADIUS. In addition, we are in touch with stakeholders that can tell us what a rocket hit and some had warhead. So we analyze the incident fully, “said Lt.-Col. (Res.) Gabi.

Sides include engineers and population behaviour officers who specialized in behavioral sciences. The officers ‘ role is to question the people who are in the area and learn about their behavior during the incident. “We’re trying to learn the event from all aspects, not just what happened.
Physically, “he clarified. Later in rolling out teams hit scene and fill special report results are displayed in front of the assessments of the elders, including flat OC.

Among the finds recorded this week was needed to refine the guidelines concerning door lock mm when entering a protected space. “If you don’t lock the door and just close it, not get maximum protection,” said Lt.-Col. (Res.) Gabi. This was the result of a case in which
This was a direct hit of a House. Although the occupants intact for its entry to the protected area, mm door opened as a result of the blast. Within days produced a video explaining the topic, explain the HFC television channels were to refine this guidance.

Translated from Hebrew