“Cliff”: more ammo more quickly.

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Special systems for incoming itziido circumventing first alive.
A variety of munitions, safeguards when they are preparing to expand operations in operation “Cliff”. Estimates significantly streamline the planning of underground activity

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

Ethan: ב’צוק first infantry, new systems that are divided as we speak to troops in preparation. Using the get estimates
Directly over all the ammunition you need to fight in Gaza, instead of having to buy separate supplies of various kinds, a relatively long process held so far.

“Cliff”: more ammo more quickly.

“The scheme was created as part of the lessons of the past to prevent clutter and streamline the process of arming”, told IDF site Commander of the supply center of southern command, Lt. Col. Dudu.
“So far she makes the process and helps to prepare the ground for maneuver forces.
If necessary “.

These systems actually constitute the focus of firepower, which is the key to fighting. “The goal is that just invites battalion set, it only has to distribute ammunition among the soldiers, to be prepared in case of entry. The schemes ready and waiting to be sent, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Dudu.

The kit contains balls of all types, including sniper bullets and mortar shells, breaking and lighting, mines, artillery and tadors (rocket-propelled grenade and structures).
“In General, the troops reach a basic line with ammo. One of the goals is adding its measures for the sector. In the case of Ethan Cliff about measures to built such as Matador ‘, to help Gaza networked forces in homes and buildings, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Dudu.

Chief of armament command: “working around the clock”

Apart from the infantry, sets were also released, Ammo packs, if
On pillar. “Several versions-one sets to engineering brigades, the brigades of the finest live tour, and one to sabotage regular troops,” said Maj. Shirley, his Deputy of Commander of the supply center in fed.

The schemes include delivery, suitable for weapons. Since the operation of the provisions that drives ammunition quantities, amassed around the Gaza Strip even as we speak-to be prepared forces. In addition to the basic ammunition with the troops. “It is important to explain that this is only the beginning”, said Lieutenant Colonel Dudu.

An array
Arming all vehicles concerned will be qualification, according to the Chief of armament command, Colonel Ilan, the thousands of tank treatments and רק”ם.” we are working around the clock, “testified.

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