“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

היערכות הכוחות. צילום: מתן פורטנוי, דו”ץ

Chief: “we have achieved an agreement with no compromise” strategy • early creature as -5,226 terrorist operation • the HFC: back to normal

תאריך: 30/08/2014, 18:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

“Cliff”, which was released by the IDF against the backdrop of the rocket to southern communities, focuses in air strikes against terrorist targets in Gaza, including rocket launchers and terrorist operatives. Until the IDF ground maneuver destroyed all the tunnels Hamas bombing which found by troops in the Gaza Strip. Since the operation got about -5,226 terrorist targets from the air, land and sea, and intelligence assistance.


18. the HFC updated
The directives protect all communities in Israel: back to normal from 18. According to the new guidelines, you can close the public shelters in the range 0 to 80 km.
A sound alarm or voice, you must enter the protected area within the time period defined for each area.


12:20-soldier’s name may be an IDF publication, Sergeant Nathaniel Fund, who was injured in a rocket 14.2 Gan yavne and died from his wounds. The icon Fund, 21 yavne, shields served as a technician in the ordnance Corps. After his death he was promoted from corporal to Sergeant.

The funeral of Nathaniel Fund will today (18.5), at 2 pm in the garden cemetery.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

10:28 pm-IDF Brig. Gen. Motti, these comments in his Facebook page to ceasefire and stressed that “these days in summary-the days of vigilance. Us South but at the same time we are giving much attention to the North.

In the past few days, visit these comments in General IDF units and talking with soldiers and commanders. “All the talk of corridors, any hearing depth.
They all share a sense of protecting the people and the country, “the IDF spokesman.
“Talking about the success and motivation that is still in the sky, and suddenly I hear from happy who fought on a large increase in young officers will remain in the army and command roles.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

21. Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, referring to ceasefire and said that “the cumulative and ongoing achievements against Hamas and other terrorist groups – abilities, infrastructure, command centers, the environment and the ability to neutralize offensive operations – bring it eventually.
We hit very strongly in their abilities, and ruled them laboriously built capabilities over the years.

He said many achievements that led the IDF to cease fire. “This has led not only to damage Hamas for years, but also to stop fighting for uncompromised. strategies for the State of Israel,” said Lieutenant General Gantz. Supporting the military side, Hamas knows this, and unfortunately even Gazans, who have been taken hostage to terrorist organization that runs them and attracts like a magnet’s force, IDF.

In addition, because the army at 50 days, the IDF faced with complex warfare. “The operation in the South was on the scene a very complicated operationally, in terms of urban infrastructure and the Organization of terror”, Lt. General Gantz. “The campaign was strategically too.

“During the last weeks we worked continuously,
, Of fulfilling the IDF built capabilities over the years and the relative benefits exhaustion got in defence and attack, “said the Chief of recent activity of the combination is correct and on time.
Air activity along with Mainland and ocean activities; A combination of intelligence, air quality, land, fire, maneuver, combat assistance and logistical components.

The Chief also applies to about 70 soldiers and civilians killed during the operation, and said that “many achievements didn’t happen without a painful cost.
The many injured front and back is a painful cost that we know. Us mission, his stomach had been targets and there are icdano our efforts. ” In addition, said Lieutenant General
Ganz both citrus and Vice spaces Goldin cm borrowed and Oron “do all possible to extinction of the spaces. We hug the bereaved families and we will continue to work towards extinction.

In addition, the Chief said that all IDF units continue to work in cooperation with various organizations. “We will continue to operate as required in all
Dimensional and in coordination and in accordance with the political guidelines where appropriate, where and how true to run, “he said.

In an appeal to residents of the Gaza Strip, “the army you article
Know that we are with you hour, accompanying you throughout the period, know and experience the difficulty of dealing with the challenge. We with you throughout the campaign, in moments of difficulty and pain; Continue to be with you and for you and act as required on each volume and shape to protect you in the future in the face of any threat whatever “.

“The IDF is a strong army, army, an army that works correctly in the right places, the correct methods and the right intensity,” said Chief.
“The IDF is an army study and question — do now. Proceed to question ourselves, to improve and to adapt to challenges on the ground. We will continue to work as long as it takes in the southern districts and every other scene as needed in case will evolve “.

18. the Security Center’s funeral was killed last night by a mortar shell in the Eshkol Regional Council, staff sergeant (Res.) Ze’ev Etzion, there will be tomorrow, Thursday, August 28th, at 5 pm, the civil section in the cemetery of nirim.
His family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral.

12:02 pm-the IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Motti these comments, the cease-fire that entered into force and stressed that “we are in the next few days, we’re not going anywhere and continue to protect the southern residents with all the forces that were there in the last two months. He said the decisions will be felt that stability. “We do our duty to continue to embrace the southern residents and protect them until we can determine that security stability has indeed arrived.

According to these comments, in general these days hear voices in the sound. “If Hamas agreed to a ceasefire or rather begging after 3-4 days of so much media coverage about the plates as he describes the effectiveness of vulnerability-and פצמ”רים why when ‘ the horse ‘ you agree or beg for a ceasefire? “wondered the IDF.” three weeks, Hamas insisted on things like port, and it’s over in about that talk about it next month.
The images in the Gaza Strip are unseen pictures from 1967 “

With regard to the home front command, said IDF spokesperson
Because right now there is no change in the guidelines. “We reconvene as we gather every day and get a situation assessment,” he said. “The responsibility required of us is a big responsibility, we deem that it is possible to change the guidelines to help people do it.”

Also, the General explained that Hamas was surprised these comments during the operation. “I don’t think Hamas or planning we do action so significant, for example in tunnels,” he speculated. “When you think offers only the operational aspect. Longer days say Hamas has been saying that what happened in the tunnels is very great surprise to them. “

2:02-sergeant major (Res.) Ze’ev Ben-Etzion settlement 55 of nirim, married with five children, is the Security Center was killed last night by a mortar shell in the Eshkol Regional Council. That incident killed an Israeli civilian and wounded seriously another Israeli civilian.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

PM-hours IDF attack in the northern Gaza Strip two terrorists who committed a steep fire-towns and the Gaza Strip earlier in the day and was identified.

Shortly thereafter, the IDF attack two other terrorist operatives in the northern Gaza Strip and identified.

11:18 am-IDF Brig. Gen. Motti, these comments today on his Facebook page for further IDF attacks during operation “Cliff”. “Almost two months we fight has no time and, it only has a clear goal–the restoration of peace,” said Brig. Gen. these comments.

In addition, the IDF early Elul said that “we take with us the same patience of Elul also days of fighting still going on and we know the opened every day profoundly damage our enemies closer Pacific region.”

6. the IDF attacked during the night over 15 terrorist targets, including terrorist targets in a command and control center of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.
The targets
I got were apartments used by terrorist organizations to planning terrorist attacks and weapons manufacturing site in one of the buildings. In addition, the IDF attacked compounds in two schools in central Gaza Strip and in the North, which were a focus of terrorism and offered them steep trajectory fire toward Israel territory.
During the last week carried out repeated gunfire towards the Gaza Strip from an elementary school for boys, “Ali Ben AVI Talab”, located on the outskirts of Zeitoun. The school carried out a launch which killed the boy tergrman 4-year-old Daniel late from Kibbutz Nahal Oz. Also, during the operation carried out additional launches of the school to expand.

The school used as a shelter, refugees had more than 12 hours after the onset of action of warning calls to evacuate the school grounds. The warning to the residents through various means, including text messaging and voice messages:
El Al Zeitun neighborhood residents,
Hamas continues to endanger the people of Gaza and is fire from civilian structures which stay innocent civilians despite the clear instructions of the IDF.
The IDF expected to strike military objectives in school “-” Ali Ibn Talib Al-Zeitun neighborhood from which Hamas terrorist operation.
Citizens staying in school should be evacuated immediately.
The IDF does not want to hurt you or your relatives.
You have been warned.
IDF headquarters.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

18. the IDF attacked from midnight 70 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip. In addition, the IDF attack two terrorist operatives in the northern Gaza Strip which made steep trajectory fire toward Israel and the territory’s Launcher which committed the shooting earlier in the day. In addition, the IDF attack launch position which was identified
In a school in the northern Gaza Strip. Damage is detected.

PM-IDF attacked some time ago
A brief dispatch made him steep trajectory gunfire towards settlement in the Gaza Strip earlier in the day. The launcher was placed in a school in סג’עייה.

Another special coverage of operation “Cliff”:

Scouring the bottom: fin unit acted to prevent penetration of divers
Viewed: Houston rockets were identified in the Medical Center and the compound was attacked.

1:16 pm-a short while ago IDF attack two terrorists who committed a steep trajectory fire toward Gaza villages earlier in the day and was identified. In addition, the IDF terrorist attack in the northern Gaza Strip which dealt with steep trajectory fire toward Israel territory, and identified.

7:04-from the evening attacked
IDF 35 goals throughout the Gaza Strip. In addition, the IDF attack in the northern Gaza Strip two terrorist operatives who engaged in steep-to the Gaza Strip population and identified.

In addition, during the night got two mosques, one is used to store weapons and as a meeting point for terrorist activities and the other served as a meeting point
Terrorist activity in the northern Gaza Strip.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

10:58 pm-an hour ago IDF attack in northern Gaza Strip, from which the Launcher offered steep trajectory fire toward Jerusalem earlier this evening.

3. the IDF attacked before shortly two terrorists who committed during the day shooting-steep towards Sderot from the northern Gaza Strip. Damage is detected.

From midnight, the IDF attacked about 50 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including the launch of cached credentials are used, production and storage sites on combat and terrorist activity.

Another special coverage of operation “Cliff”:

The pilots who entered the job a few days before the operation.
Continuously supplies: it provided technological and logistic network in logistics operation

3:55 pm-hours IDF attack the terrorist operative Muhammad Muhammad Faraj Al-Ghoul in the northern Gaza Strip and identified.
Muhammad Faraj Al-Ghoul was responsible for the transfer of the terrorist organization Hamas.

2:33 pm-a short while ago IDF attack the launcher from which offered steep-trajectory fire toward the Erez crossing. In addition, the IDF attack vector which carried a steep fire-towards Beer Sheva area earlier today.

Following the fire at the Erez crossing was decided by the crossings Office and coordinator of government activities in the territories to close Erez crossing to traffic, except for instantaneous action to save lives.

7:06-a short while ago IDF attack in northern Gaza Strip, three terrorists and identified. Also, during the night.
Got around the Gaza Strip as terrorist targets 17.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

11:17 pm-the IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Motti, these comments on his official Facebook page to incessant shooting on Israel and the Gaza Strip settlements. “We’re the power and determination to continue to fight,” he wrote. “We promised to bring peace and get out of Nahal Oz, netiv ha’asara or any other settlement in the Gaza Strip, until a peace settlement. Attack any target, react with itself in front of fire.

10:01 pm-a short while ago IDF attacked vehicle driving terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip. Damage is detected.

20. during the past few days carried out steep trajectory gunfire (תמ”ס) towards Israel territory from several civilian population centers, including schools in North רצע”ז area which it carried out last night and today at noon תמ”ס shooting toward Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip. This area during August were about 36 launches to Israel territory.

Civil centers them they performed fire complex
Another school in the northern Gaza Strip, which was made last night by gunfire תמ”ס the Gaza Strip population and with a school, clinic and cemeteries in the northern Gaza Strip which was made תמ”ס shooting toward villages.

Since the beginning of the fighting were shot by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip over 600 rockets from civilian population centers:
More than 260 rockets fired from educational institutions, more than 130 rockets were fired from the cemetery, more than 160 rockets were fired from religious institutions and more than 50 rockets were fired from hospitals.

3. IDF operation today from noon population warning throughout the Gaza Strip. The population warning is done
Through various means, including dropping leaflets, announcements and dissemination for text messaging.

The version below:
“To the residents,
The IDF will thwart any terrorist activities and harm the terrorist infrastructure and the activists of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations.
The Hamas leadership will continue to be persecuted, while hiding under ground and ignores the needs of civilians in Gaza and calling for peace.
The IDF will run hard against any military or civilian facility from which will be terrorist activities against the State of Israel.
Each House is mmrachbo, iitkef activity and hurt.
How are actually prevent terrorist operatives to use property for terrorist purposes and all workers where terrorist organizations.
The IDF calls you to evacuate immediately the area where Israel is at.
The Gaza campaign.
You have been warned.
IDF headquarters.
Below the recorded messages:
“The leadership
Hamas decided to drag you back. Prevent terrorist operatives to use the property for their own purposes and instantly from wherever they operate.

5-night IDF attack terrorist targets 30 throughout the Gaza Strip. Among the targets struck a creature, cached credentials are used,
Production sites and sites for storing weapons, military complexes and apartments used as command and control activity.

In addition, during the night, the IDF attack three terrorist centers, placed within terrorist organizations religious institutions, including the mosque serves as a place of Hamas activists in the southern Gaza Strip, in which terrorist networks in the South and a mosque which is a meeting place of Hamas operatives in northern Gaza Strip.

Also at this time continues to strike targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

6:37 – the IDF attacked during the past 24 hours about 50 targets in the Gaza Strip. Among the targets that had been attacked, launching complexes
Sites for storing weapons and launching of cached credentials are used. One of the launchers that got done last night shooting at Israel State.
In addition, the IDF attack in the evening five terrorists. Aim has been identified.

“Cliff”: the ceasefire is maintained

8:50 pm-Coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav (Polly) Mordechai discussed today the Israeli conduct during operation “Cliff”. “There are Israeli strategic decision as long as there’s a fire and terror.
Not helping negotiations, “said the champion. “Two days is false, and he didn’t take place until peace comes. The IDF and the State of Israel will continue to air attacks and all the means to attack in the Gaza Strip. “

“As long as the rocket fire and terrorism and Hamas is building underground, hospitals, buildings and Palestinian civilians as a human shield-
We will continue to act against senior members of Hamas in power and firmly, “explained champion. “A leader he has immunity, in any time, anywhere, whether politician or military.”

According to Maj. Gen. Mordechai, Israeli army intention and the State of Israel
To assist the civilian population living in the Gaza Strip. “Israel has good intentions to support Gaza people. we have nothing with the residents,” Hanson said, “we want to support the people of Gaza Civil and allow them to live in dignity. The day Hamas took power, instead of investing the nation millions of dollars from donors.
They have put them in the ground.

Referring to actions according to international law, said
Maj. Gen. Mordechai that Israel “respect international law, but she has a right to defend itself. As long as terrorism continues we will continue to use all the options we have on land, air and sea against terrorism dominating and captivating the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. “

Another special coverage of operation “Cliff”:

How do I verify the IAF attacks.
“The army fighting in the southern sector is not over.”

7:43 pm-the IDF attacked before shortly two PIJ activists in the southern Gaza Strip. Aim has been identified.

5:52 pm-the IDF attacked during the day a senior PIJ terrorist operative, after leaving a building in southern Gaza from which offered steep trajectory fire toward Israel territory. Damage is detected. The IDF also attacked several activists
Terrorism in the northern Gaza Strip, while engaged on a steep trajectory fire toward Israel territory. Anything active in him was made last night by gunfire steep track towards Ashkelon.
During the past 24 hours, the IDF attacked over 55 terrorist targets throughout Gaza strands.

11:24 am-IDF attack in Rafah
It killed two senior terror leaders, Raed Attar and Mohammad Abu malla, killed an activist
Another terrorist. The activist killed is Mohammed barhoum, 45 year-old resident of Rafah, a Hamas activist Rafah Division senior military arm.

OASIS business including smuggling weapons into the military wing. In the past, is a fundraising business movement and spent several years in Syria
And Libya as part of fundraising activities and to Hamas in Gaza.

In addition, a short while ago IDF attack six PIJ activists who were preparing to execute a steep fire-towards Israel territory, and identified. In addition, IDF terrorist attack in northern Gaza Strip.

During the night three terrorists attacked IDF in central Gaza Strip.

Since resuming attacks, IDF attacked over 150 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

9:20 – two terrorist commanders in the military wing of Hamas ‘ terrorist organization during the night in the IDF’s activity in cooperation with the General Security Service. They got kingpin and Mohammad Raed Attar Abu malla, which the building in Rafah.

Al Raed Ahmed cobachi, 40, served as a senior commander of Hamas ‘ military wing and was in charge of the area. Attar took part in several shooting attack, which killed Israelis charge attacks and intrusion attacks into Israel. He was also deeply involved in planning and executing the abduction of cpl. Gilad Shalit and the holding in the Gaza Strip.

In this capacity he was responsible for directing all Attar military activity in the sector, including
Promoting complex attacks, tunneling attack operations to Israel and surface activity of Chinese territory. In addition to the headland, Al was involved in the expansion of combat–the Gaza Strip and building in Azzurro.

Muhammad Ibrahim Salah Abu malla, 40, served as a senior commander of the terrorist organization Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip, a senior Hamas military wing. Abu malla commanded the southern sector and is an old friend of the military leadership.
During operation “Cliff” he was involved in executing 13 Hamas terrorists infiltration through a tunnel in the end.

Abu malla began its activity with Muhammad Raed Attar and another page in the early 1990s, since he was directly involved in carrying out attacks and dozens of them killing an IDF officer in Rafah area attraction in 1994, involved booby-trapped tunnels where attacks killed and injured soldiers in 2004 and involvement in bomb attack at Kerem Shalom crossing in 2008 in which 13 soldiers were injured. In addition, Abu malla is a strategic attack on Kerem Shalom region in 2006 during which killed two soldiers and abducted cpl. Gilad Shalit.
The IDF wouldn’t tolerate any attempted attacks against citizens of the State of Israel and IDF soldiers and continue to work with determination and strength against all causes which operates terrorism against the State of Israel.

7:19-during the night, the IDF attacked about 20 terrorist targets, shooting 10-of thwart steep bills.

For details on events, minute by minute goal after goal.

Translated from Hebrew