“Cliff”: the underground effort to destroy terror tunnels

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The IDF continues to incisive attacks during operation “Cliff” infiltration attempt was foiled through • tunnel terror near Kibbutz Nir-am • פד”ם Champion:” see
The toil of years can be taken from him during the operation.

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

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“Cliff”: the underground effort to destroy terror tunnels

The overland campaign during operation “Cliff”, which was released by the IDF against the backdrop of the rocket to the South. Currently, the Mainland operation is focused and targeted terrorist goal. Since the operation got about -2,887 goals. So far, the IDF forces 63 Pirie 14.3 tunnels tunnels, some of which are placed in homes and mosques, and blew up the route 6.  Also, from the beginning of the maneuver phase so far, more than 110 injured and got about -1,032 goals. Among the targets were the infrastructure of the national houses used as command and control infrastructure and launch a cached credentials are used.

“Cliff”: the underground effort to destroy terror tunnels

8:56 pm-for publishing the names of seven officers and soldiers who have been killed in the last 24 hours.

IDF officer, Lieutenant Colonel Dolev Kedar, “Vine” battalion, 38-year-old intelligence, was killed in the incident this morning where his terrorists to Israel territory
And anti-tank fire at the force. The funeral will be held tomorrow (Tuesday), at 5 p.m. in the cemetery on the military intelligence. His family wanted to avoid media coverage.
IDF Sergeant Tal yifrah, a Golani Brigade, 21, of Rishon Lezion, killed in clashes in the Gaza Strip in the early hours of the morning. The funeral will be held tomorrow (Tuesday), at 11:00 a.m. at the cemetery in Rishon Lezion.
IDF soldier, Sergeant Yuval Dagan, a Golani Brigade, 22, of Kfar Sava, killed in clashes in the early hours of the morning. Sergeant Yuval Dagan was promoted from Sergeant to staff sergeant.
IDF Sergeant nadav goldmachr, in which 1, 23, from Beer Sheva, killed in the incident, in which a terrorist infiltrated into Israel territory and anti-tank fire at the force. Sergeant nadav
The goldmachr promoted from the rank of corporal to Sergeant posthumously. The funeral will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:00 a.m., in the new cemetery in Beersheba.
Against the IDF Sergeant iinisian senior kshun, Gaza Division’s Northern Division, 39 years old from Netivot killed in incident in which terrorists have infiltrated into Israel territory and anti-tank fire at the force. The funeral will be held today (Tuesday) at 1:00 p.m. in the cemetery in Netivot, in part.
IDF soldier, Deputy, Jubilee year in which 1, 21 of Efrat, was killed in the incident, in which a terrorist infiltrated into Israel territory
And anti-tank fire at the force. Vice-a hydrogen Jubilee Sergeant promoted to Lieutenant – one year after his death. The funeral will be held today (Tuesday), at 11:00 a.m. at the mount Herzl cemetery, in part. The family wanted to avoid media coverage.
IDF Sergeant Jordan Bensimon, a Golani Brigade, 22 from Ashqelon, killed
In clashes. The circumstances of the incident are examined. Sergeant Jordan Bensimon was promoted from Sergeant to staff sergeant.
7 southern command Chief, Maj. Gen. Sami turgeman, foiling the attack near Kibbutz Nir-am and said that “today’s action demonstrates how we knew and we were focused on our action.
Last assault on Beit Hanoun, just in the tunnel. The enemy saw that we attack space.
And decided to implement this property before we get him, “noted. “The pattern of entry into the territory and destroying the infrastructure of tunnels is a troubling pattern.
He worked for years he invested money and thousands of hours of work can be taken from him during the operation.

According to the Commander of פד”ם, fear of losing the tunnels as a strategic asset to Hamas’s decision to try to remove the attack this morning. “Hamas has decided to implement this property and paid for it for all the terrorists that infiltrated into the area,
Said. “They operated forces formed true barrier between NIR-am and the terrorists. We paid a heavy price but prevented a major catastrophe “.

9 champion noted that in recent years the southern command worked on finding a solution to the threat intelligence and class.
“There’s no threat the dome of iron, and gets a lot of work to find a solution,” he said. “We have been able to promote our skills in several areas and the fact that in the latter end of the four tunnels. No presence of positive intelligence, certainly not in a complex and dense surface as there is in the Gaza Strip. “

He said the combination of ground maneuver and air force attacks proved itself against this threat. “The combination of ground forces.
The air force is one that mmksem the effectiveness of military action against a threat. We tried all the tools available to us before we can activate this ability, and the results prove that happened to also turn the ground maneuver. Thankfully we were able to extract families, kindergartens and other institutions in the Gaza Strip from the tunnel.

“Cliff”: the underground effort to destroy terror tunnels

3:16 pm-the forces of the Golani Brigade exposed two Peary סג’עייה area tunnels which are designed to attack Israel territory. During the event an exchange of gunfire between terrorists and the power. Two terrorists were killed.

Power armor having long three terrorists in the Gaza Strip, two of them were killed by friendly fire. Also, the Golani Brigade’s foiled terrorist suicide bomber earlier in the day.

During the past 24 hours, the IDF forces beating
Attempts of terrorists who use the tunnels for attacks on troops: power of place foiled yesterday in the evening two terrorists emerging from a tunnel in the area of Al-attera. Golani Brigade Force foiled last ten terrorists emerging from tunnels in the shafts. In addition, yesterday in the evening having power in a number of terrorists from emerging from a tunnel shaft which is located in a residential building, and foiled them.

In clashes across three terrorists in Rafah, managed to hit the terrorist force that emerged from a tunnel.

10:30-IDF forces thwarted an attempted invasion of habloim in the northern Gaza Strip near Sderot. About 10 terrorists were killed. An event in cooperation with infantry forces and air force.


“Cliff”: the underground effort to destroy terror tunnels

11:37 pm-for publishing the names of five of the officers and soldiers who were killed during the past 24 hours in the Gaza Strip.

IDF officer major tsafrir, light bar in the Golani Brigade Commander, a 32-year-old. The funeral will be held tomorrow (Monday) at 1:00 p.m. in the school’s military almit in Holon.

IDF officer, Capt. Zvi Kaplan, a commander in the Golani Brigade, 28 years old. The funeral will be held tomorrow (Monday) at 11:00 at the military cemetery in Haifa. The family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral.
IDF soldier, Sergeant Gilad Jacobi, a Golani Brigade, 21, of Kiryat Ono. The funeral will be held
Tomorrow (Monday) at 10:00 at the Kiryat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv.  The family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral. Symbol-as Sergeant Jacoby first.
IDF Sergeant oz mendelowitz, a Golani Brigade, 21 of abtalion. The funeral will be held tomorrow (Monday) at 6 p.m. in the cemetery in Misgav. Alicia icon uploaded to
Staff Sergeant.
IDF soldier, Sergeant Sean miracles carmeli, a Golani Brigade, 21 years old. Sergeant carmeli uploaded to private first class.
Notified their families.

From the morning until the time that wounded five soldiers
Critically, 13 soldiers suffered moderate and 35 other soldiers injured during IDF operations in the Gaza Strip area as part of operation “Cliff”.

39. the Chief, Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, in broadly to the Mainland in the Gaza Strip during operation “Cliff”. “All
Passing day and hour — more casualties, and operational capabilities. I am absolutely convinced that if we continue and our achievements nmksem in how determined and deterrence capabilities, how we – South region here, you know today and heat – information days here, rain and wet days flowering. I have no doubt that we will get to this place, “said the Chief, adding that” I am convinced that Hamas understands the price of war, and that price hurts
For him “.

Referring to the incident in the Chief Petty Officer “סג’עיה dwellers know they fell victim to Hamas in preparations for combat. IDF returned and said throughout the days of fighting, the people scattered leaflets and informed. We put our strength in a very controlled, but we have no intention of giving up our resolve not to meet in our tasks. I regrets civilian casualties, and it pains me to see children hurt and damaged women. We’re human, and we understand it and want it. It is important that citizens turn combat areas that everywhere that Hamas terrorist infrastructure and the IDF structure which decides to go there – there won’t be anything to stop him. We cannot accept that Hamas put civilians in front of us, so all I did was to alert, warn and deter. We have a moral obligation to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties as
Possible, if moral obligation towards our citizens to protect them “.

“We are determined to continue to warn the population, and to make every effort in the future to avoid that. We will continue to offer help. We opened a field hospital to treat the wounded, and we also have humanitarian supplies into Gaza. There are no such countries while someone fought them – they serve him humanitarian aid. I’m proud of and, and is equally determined to continue, “Lieutenant General Gantz.

In summary words indicate that the army operation will continue as long as necessary, in accordance with the political guidelines and plotted. At this point continue efforts bring defense themes are the intent of our capabilities and reach. We are everywhere in enemy territory, and continue to be there as long as it takes, “he said.

Another review of “Cliff”:

Shatotachim: a constant that helps the artillery to its mainland campaign
Attack from the sea, protecting the coast.

7:01 pm-during the day blasted power in a controlled manner of route 6 and pirian tunnels which were exposed throughout the Gaza Strip. The operation was carried out with the objective of destroying terrorist infrastructures of Hamas and to remove the threat posed to citizens of the State of Israel, these tunnels. There were no casualties and no damage.
The tunnels were uncovered and blew up:

Terror tunnels in Northern רצע”ז which contains 5 breaks, everyone in the Gaza Strip. Inside the tunnels uncovered explosive barrels and communications cable which served the terrorist operatives.
-Terror tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip which contained 4 shafts inside the Gaza Strip and another shaft which opened in Israel territory near the settlement in the Gaza Strip.
-Terrorist רצע”ז Center tunnel containing 8 shafts.
Terror-tunnels רצע”ז Centre which could have two shafts, one of them inside Israel territory.
-Southern Gaza tunnels containing one shaft.

Southern רצע”ז tunnels which contained four shafts, including one block and one in Israel territory. When the tunnel explosion identified secondary explosions. One of the tunnel uncovered in a house close to the tunnel. Tunnel length is 1.2 km.

The shafts were exposed by sustained work and expertise of IDF forces.
In addition, a short time ago struck in conjunction with the responsible of the observations.
From the beginning of
Combine the ground maneuver, and so far the IDF struck more than 110 terrorists attacked terrorist targets as 1032 -341 creature of whom from the morning. Among the goals got the goals that help the IDF’s ground, steep track of infrastructure and houses used as command and control infrastructure and launch a cached credentials are used.
The IDF will continue to act to remove the threats to the citizens of the State of Israel and the security forces.

KSC during the battles in the Golani Brigade took part in the Gaza Strip, killing 13 of the guerrillas from last night. The IDF engaged at
This identification process is complete. To the chshisteim process, and with the consent of the families published names
The fighters. Notified the families of the victims and the families of the wounded soldiers.

15:20-day armored force identified two terrorists who left a tunnel shaft, which was uncovered in the southern Gaza Strip. The force fired at the terrorists, identified. No casualties were recorded. From the beginning the ground operation by the IDF attacked terrorist targets as -566, approx 52 terrorist got goals since morning. Among the targets got 23 houses that served as command and control infrastructure to terrorist attacks, seven launch of cached credentials are used, six surface-to-surface rocket launchers (rocket sure between medium) and the combat tunnel. In addition, captured 22 terrorists who held now by oachotho and are being investigated. The IDF will continue to act against anyone that threatens citizens of the State of Israel.

36. Notwithstanding the humanitarian ceasefire in the Masjid which started an hour ago in collaboration with the Red Cross, Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel territory.

1:31 pm-following the Red Cross operations coordinator of government activities in the territories (Hanson), Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley), for the omintarit-medical evacuation of casualties Palestinians in Masjid, which limited paragraph
67. from 13:30-15:30 omintaris urgent needs. An open chat with the head of the ICRC in Israel and briefed him about the decision. The population was called to evacuate during the name West Masjid and the Saladin to Gaza City. Any attempt to take advantage of this respite to fire answers in response.

12. in light of your
The political Echelon and recommendation of coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley); Approved by Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, establishing a field hospital at the Erez crossing. The establishment of the hospital is done due to special circumstances during this period, and is intended to provide humanitarian medical care to the population. Home
The hospital will absorb the sick and wounded Palestinians in coordination with the Director of the coordination and liaison
In case the benefit of receiving medical treatment. The hospital will include basic medical services including
Treatment of urgent cases, including women and children, as well as the delivery room and hospitalization.
The hospital, to be staffed by doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians and laboratory. The hospital will act responsibly, and force it to place in Erez crossing of the Defense Ministry building
Exists and is protected and run starting today at 8:00 p.m.

11:29 am-IDF forces artillery and air assault operations and extensive is focused on סג’עייה town, which is terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF has so far uncovered more than 36 terrorist tunnels shafts throughout the Gaza Strip. From the beginning of the maneuver point hit in over 100 terrorists.

9:50 – the IDF destroyed during the night two terror tunnels which aim to harm citizens of the State of Israel. In addition, the IDF attacked during the night 45 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including more than 10 launch of tuck neatly and four tunnels.

5:07-two soldiers were killed the night during IDF operations in the Gaza Strip. They killed and Sergeant Cadet bar building bravado rubles.

Cadet bar rahav, engineering, 21 from Ramat Yishai, killed by an anti-tank missile that hit an engineering tool which travelled in the Gaza Strip. The funeral will be held today (Sunday) at 5 pm at the cemetery in Yishai. His family wanted to avoid media coverage of the funeral. Cadet rahav was promoted to sub lieutenant.

Second ruble, Sergeant in infantry Warrior, 20 from Holon, killed in clashes in the Gaza Strip.
The funeral will be held today (Sunday) at 7 pm at Holon cemetery. In this event the IDF officer was injured seriously. Coat of arms of second Sergeant first arose after his death.

Messages delivered to the victims families.

From the evening until this time two IDF soldiers were wounded critically, one soldier in
And two more minor injuries during IDF operations in the Gaza Strip as part of operation “Cliff”.

It also published the loviotiham of IDF reserve soldier and an officer who were killed last night when a military truck in which anti-tank went in Israel territory:

The funeral of a soldier in the IDF symbol Maple destroyed, 20 from Nahariya, held today (Sunday) at 5 pm at the cemetery in Nahariya.
The funeral
IDF reserves officer major Amos, 45-year-old Greenberg, HoD Hasharon, held today (Sunday) at 5 pm at the OASIS citrus “cemetery in HoD Hasharon.

4:32. large land forces joined the night focused activity to prevent terrorist infrastructures in the Gaza Strip that began with the start of the ground campaign and as part of realizing the rise of operation step cliff “.

IDF carried out following the decision by the political Echelon and the IDF’s operational programs, and it will continue in accordance with the continuous mode assessment that satisfies the General staff of the IDF forces in operation are in readiness level
And as a service for survey after a period of intensive training and planning and יעכות.

This step is carried out according to plan and the operation achieved goals so far and to bring down the Hamas and security realities.


“Cliff”: the underground effort to destroy terror tunnels

9:39 pm-force of paratroopers encountered a terrorist released from tunnel shaft and opened fire at the troops. The force returned fire, killing the bomber.

8:23 pm
The IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Motti, these comments in new editions for further action
The mainland effort and said that “we have the capabilities and strategies that Hamas worked on them for many years with regard to tunnels. These tunnels are not safe or hiding rivers.
They are very significant rivers in which the Organization planned to carry out terrorist attacks in large settlements or IDF camps “. According to these comments, the General mission has been carrying out abductions into the Gaza Strip.

Dismantling the Hamas tunnels is a major effort in fighting in Gaza. “We have put maximum skill he invested and in years to come these days by the rocket threat to achieve these comments,” Brigadier General. “We understand the pressure that Hamas is found in it, Hamas does everything he can to undermine that strategic assets we sucked.”

He noted that the IDF attempted to occur today. “Hamas tried to carry out an attack against soldiers or one communities. He
Room into the area and encountered soldiers, “said Brig. Gen. these comments. “We understand that incidents of this kind among the magnitude that now they are into security events.
Such activity occurs when the fight dense and soldiers on the other side still have a lot of power on the line. These events can happen and should understand that this is not the reality.
We were in active and powerful IDF of Hamas trying to find that solution.

7:55 pm, Chief General Benjamin Ganz (son), visited the Golani Brigade and an armored brigade and said that “we finished ourselves in a situation that was created here to hit hard at Hamas and deny him as military capabilities
And interoperability, you should give a better security reality for the residents of the country and especially in the southern area of the context “.

He said the disclosure is an important part in the terrestrial campaign. “We have a very important task-to take the intent and deprive them of the enemy,” said Lt. General Gantz. “Clearly they’re trying to make the tunnels have.”

It also stressed the importance of the accuracy and avoiding harm to bystanders and said that “you have to watch very carefully where to be there.
Schools or mosques for people to run them because our fire. Just before firing shell should look at shooting.

He appealed to the army commanders and mentioned that “always
I told you what this country-in order for you is war. So going into this event. You have enemies, you have a mission, you’re going to do it. “

7:48 pm-since
Began the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, many forces working in the field of concentrated effort, including paratroopers, infantry, armor, נח”ל, Glenn, and special units.

During the operation, IDF forces 34 tunnel shafts
Terrorism, and five tunnels full length coming from the Gaza Strip into Israel territory.
These tunnels have been disabled and are in the process.

During the operation the troops killed more than 70 bombers, 20 in the last 24 hours. Since the terrestrial phase of operation “Cliff” arrested 13 terrorists transferred for questioning in Israel territory. In the past 24 hours, the IDF attacked over 450 targets in Gaza from the air, land and sea.

PM: two soldiers were killed in the morning in clashes with gunmen in the central Gaza Strip. The dead are a symbol of destroyed Maple and major (Ret.) Greenberg adoption

In the last two IDF officers were injured critically, three IDF officers and one soldier injured, and an officer and five soldiers were lightly injured during the operation in the Gaza Strip as part of operation “Cliff”.

4:04 pm-IDF foiled a short time ago two terrorists who committed
Anti-tank and small arms fire to IDF forces in southern Gaza Strip. Two terrorists were killed.
In an exchange of fire. There are no casualties.

14. the IDF force opened fire last night from which go to hurt him while riding a motorcycle across the force. The bomber was killed. During the day forces
The IDF three additional tunnels shafts.

Since the beginning of the IDF attack effort more than 350 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

13. IDF forces thwarted an attempted suicide attack near a fence in the central Gaza Strip. The attack was apparently intended to damage to one of the nearby towns.
Terrorists infiltrated Israel territory through terror tunnel and fired machine guns and anti-tank fire, the IDF force during a tour of the region. The force returned fire and pushed the Gazan territory.
In Gaza, one killed. IDF forces perform scans.
During the incident, two soldiers were seriously wounded and were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment. A little while ago IDF attack using any aircraft of the air force, a number of terrorists who were involved in the incident.

“Cliff”: the underground effort to destroy terror tunnels

The weapons the terrorists left. Photo: IDF

11:23 am-reserve officer, Brig. Gen. Hosea Friedman spoke with reserve fighters who came to practice the training command base Eliakim during operation “Cliff” and said that “it’s always exciting to see the people again leaving anything, stand fast, complete volunteer rate and incredible mission.”

קמל”ר stressed that” the reserve value is the other spirit of the IDF and the Israeli society and the current situation demonstrates the quality and strength of the IDF fought shoulder to shoulder with the regular array along one operational system.

10-night firefight developed near the midnight between the Division’s power rests and a house structure was. As a result of fire Exchange two critically wounded warrior and two other militants injured. Damage is detected.

During the night terror targets got 37.

Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz treated last night to the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, saying that the operation will continue and will be extended as necessary. “There will be more friction and difficult moments,” speculated. “Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza took a beating as severe, persistent. Years of efforts they have made in building power, rocket building, planning terrorist attacks and tunnels are shattered on the waves of Israel State “.

For details on events, minute by minute goal after goal.

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