“Cliff”: what are the scenarios to prepare for the South?

טנקים בשטחי הכינוס ליד עזה. צילום: ארכיון

The Fed have deployed special forces at strategic points against the threat and examine all options to hit rocket launch capabilities: “the operation will take a few days.”

תאריך: 10/07/2014, 14:40    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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“Cliff”: what are the scenarios to prepare for the South?

Going into the third day: in addition to the attacks in the Gaza Strip, the southern command are all possible scenarios. “In the last few days assessments take place at the highest levels, and held command for each option-whether further air strikes or ground operation,” said Lieutenant command, major Pavel קמב”ץ.
“The recent blunders one can interpret that they aren’t enemy intentions for a ceasefire, but the escalation.
Therefore, this operation might take a few days and perhaps even beyond that.

According to Maj. Pavel, one of the goals of this operation is to bring the IDF deterrent against
The terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, as it was after “pillar”. This period is considered one of the quieter periods for more security in the South over the past decade, but recently witnessed a gradual escalation control which peaked this week. Since “pillar”
The shooting was carried out in Israel by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, and by Hamas, which is sovereign in Gaza. With the escalation we can see a change in this trend.
“There is no doubt that Hamas is the standout in track and control it after operation pillar. In the past two days Hamas has become more dominant in attack especially in תמ”ס, and the charge against these terrorist networks, as against all other infrastructure,” he said.

Since the pillar reinforced and strengthened new threat, and he attacks the tunneler-terrorist tunnels from the Gaza Strip into Israel territory. Last year discovered IDF forces several rivers
And, last week, the IDF attacked one of them with potentially destructive attack thwarted. “The threat has added another element to complete hopper. The joint deal last year to upgrade our detection capabilities, and our success proves that affordable effort “, said Deputy officer commanding South agenda and bad for the (nationality, settlement and security) Lt. Col. GAL. “This is a strategic weapon of Hamas. The tunnel was built in the last years, and the destruction of Hamas hurt and lost a strategic asset, “he added.

“Cliff”: what are the scenarios to prepare for the South?

The exposed terror in Gaza in March this year. Photo: archives

In order to deal with the threat of tunnels in Gaza deployed forces that aim to address possible scenarios. “There are many reserve forces prepared for all scenarios that we see and understand”, said Maj. Pavel. “The tunnels across the message to residents that we are not sleeping but engaged in finding solutions to the new threat,” added deputy officer commanding South agenda and bad for the (nationality, settlement and security) Lt.-Col.

Besides the threat of tunnels and steep track towards the State Editor, the fighters on the ground preparing for the other scenarios. “The main challenges are to prevent פח”ע activities in space, and trust and private communities. Also make it harder for the enemy to make steep trajectory gunfire toward Israel and send a message to these organizations on all their IDF offensive work hard, “said Maj. Pavel.

Translated from Hebrew