Collective space warfare: this practice of confrontation with Hezbollah forces inside Israel.

אימון ההגמ”ר. צילום: ארז בן סימון

The next confrontation with Hezbollah terrorists can be not only a Lebanese village, but also in the group. So practice managers, forces the body armour of the Upper Galilee ‘

תאריך: 21/02/2014, 13:30    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל


Urban warfare, the battalion’s training group: “Hiram”, carried out on the manicured lawns of the North, is a rare appearance in the landscape.
Goal: increasing the qualification of the battalion responsible for wartime to maintain the fabric of life in villages along the border. Matorgel scenario: chasing Hizbollah-mediated between the children’s home, burned.

In fact, the default all infantry army Warrior is the unceasing warfare planning in built-up area (s).
The IDF put the best effort and money in developing this capability, that defines the tone of the campaign. This is reflected in practice. This situation is no different in the battalion’s training college, Hiram last month, which can focus on that except that bgadod, spatial protection trust (m j), an expression meaning a little differently.
It is no longer talking about Lebanese, Epatha “The implication of the brigades are the only troops of the Israeli practice,” says the company’s battalion, Maj. levav Weinberg.

Instead of walking a measured in stone alleys, where Lebanese propaganda posters, seen in Shi’ite village located at the rear of the battalion fighters-Hiram ‘ perform scans in war of the civilian population. They strike at terrorists hiding in a greenhouse or trace offensive link on.

Collective space warfare: this practice of confrontation with Hezbollah forces inside Israel.

In accordance with the change in the operational battalion accents are not at all similar to those of the rest of the Warriors alive. “the fighters need to examine and consider the data before they perform, because they walk around in. Engagement managers are extremely stringent, “says the Commander of the Brigade reserve battalion, Maj. levav Weinberg. “Coinciding with the need for caution, keep in mind that they are dealing with an immediate risk to the population by the terrorists. They should make a quick touch rowing and neutralization “, is that trust the operational challenges facing the troops.

The 769 Regiment officer agenda, posh battalion, several IDF site on the rationale behind the practice. “The next war will not be visible
Like the last one. Therefore, we prepare them for extreme situations, “says major. “To me.
The Regiment is the body armour that protects the northern communities.

Strengthening of territorial defense in the North

The training day begins with theoretical lectures, updates the fighters gathered intelligence on Hezbollah, and teach them about capabilities and intentions. Due to the fact that the organization actively fought against Syria, and gaining operational experience there in active warfare-much to update. “We are talking about various combat scenarios from the past”, says the Deputy Battalion Commander (his), major ret chest riklin, in discussion with the site.

Moreover, the IDF conception today holds that the strength of the civilian population there is strategic significance in her fate. Namely, the ability of citizens to take fire and casualties, has a direct effect on the legitimacy of the IDF to maneuver in Lebanon. In practical language translation, that means besides the fundamental mission of the battalion, which is protecting human life, there is much more broad significance to the operational success of the regiment. “The army gives attention to defense, from lachzballa’s concept that achieve significant casualties, while damaging psychological propaganda”, the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Ret Lior.

Collective space warfare: this practice of confrontation with Hezbollah forces inside Israel.

“Eventually, probably in the next war will be more civil. Let fire strike Hezbollah loaded. We know that your organization tens of times bigger store of short term “missile, Maj. Nathan.
The increased threat, the northern command on the process of re-database organization (the powers) assigned to the spatial defence. The process, which began last year and is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2014, will improve the qualification of the regiment.
As part of the move, some of the brigades were managers in charge, to improve its quality, and increased training intensity. “Instead of tucking tummies and glades, we started to get younger men-photo, the graduates, summarized the Majles.

The change is particularly evident in the company, meet the most important challenges. “The average age of wonders, and decreased company equipment improved. Robbie is 16 long handed back, and received multiple accolades,
Company Commander major Weinberg.

“Ready to jump at a moment’s notice.”

After the theoretical part of the day is done, the magic sent warriors to dissipate.
Among the targeted communities-each team to carry twaio he should know. The warriors need to maintain contact with the authorities, and knew the kibbutzim and towns until the new buildings added to them periodically.

The battalion commander himself traveling to Kibbutz Kfar giladi, one of the companies of the regiment for training. On the way, the car passes a monument in memory of the 12 paratroopers
Killed by a Katyusha while waiting at the entrance to the kibbutz in 2006. The Mag wants to stop.
The vehicle. Chtoshb is the place he came to the scene a few minutes after the incident, only to find that everything is destroyed and you can help. This event indicates that the fighters feel intimacy towards the sector, for most home and security events which are part of their lives.

“I prefer that the fighters are local residents for several reasons. First, there is value to their familiarity with specials, and contact with the residents, “the Mag” again, so
You will be able to raise them quickly doubled and tripled, and they can respond faster excites “with the site.

Then he turned around and pointed to a mountainside near where he fell is steep track (תמ”ס) at the end of December. “That event illustrates how we need to be ready to jump at a moment’s notice,” he tells the site. the Deputy Captain riklin, indicates that cell phones and not Commander Kato that Sunday morning. “All the fighters called to ask if I could help, and to hear what’s going on. After all, the regiment consists of people who live here and feel the tension, “explains.

Translated from Hebrew