Colonel Jacob Alicia was appointed the Commander of 2010

צילום: דודי אייזנטל

Colonel Alicia replaces in the Danish Colonel mosheiov, who will serve as the first headquarters of the guidance in the Negev

תאריך: 26/12/2013, 13:02    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Colonel Jacob Alicia enters the Chief in the 10 in military medical training at a ceremony last week. He switched his position that Danny Colonel mosheiov, who commanded the school for three years. Colonel mosheiov will serve as the first headquarters of the guidance at.

“I did my best to prepare for medical Internet command”, said Commander of the BA, let’s base our daily work, but while he was testing duties imposed upon him with great success: the pillar of the Internet came to medical and Conference the troops; Two months ago I first trained regular and skilled פלה”ק, and this exercise had to take his help nuclear delegation in the Philippines.

The outgoing Commander of the BA mentioned several projects carried out under his leadership, including the class movach, which became the standard for quality in training, and IDF military medicine Championships, held for the third year.

Alicia Colonel, Commander of the BA, noted that “the IDF’s role is to win the war, and the role of medical professionals is to give the soldier the confidence to risk his life, that
Behind that medical personnel have to do anything to save him, even if it means sacrificing their lives “.

Colonel Alicia noted that asked specifically to fill the Chief of her, due to his father’s Holocaust survivor who died this year, and wanted more than anything to see his son in charge it it started his. In addition, the transition to Kiryat
The guidance. “During my term as Commander, while a year and a half, which is expected to move south. This is an opportunity for us as military to contribute to the development of the Negev and to fulfill the vision of former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.

Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Prof. Isaac Kreis, the Exchange and thanked the outgoing Commander of the BA on its service in the medical corps. “Leading a revolution in Internet training
Medical and training methods. Later in his speech addressed to the IDF and passage to the South, Colonel mosheiov role will do: “beyond Darom set and Army Medical Corps
A huge challenge, and holds within it endless opportunities.

Translated from Hebrew