Commander: IDF commanders and soldiers bond in operation “Cliff”

צנחנים מתכוננים להצבה ברצועת עזה במסגרת “צוק איתן”. צילום: גדי ימפל, דובר צה”ל

Gut ה”דפים” written for expanding operations in operation, as part of preparations for a ground operation in Gaza: “we will all our might against the enemy.”

תאריך: 13/07/2014, 18:59    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

Commander: IDF commanders and soldiers bond in operation “Cliff”

In preparation for the possibility of ground action in the Gaza Strip, IDF commanders wrote letters to their subordinates, which began on the expectations of them during operation “Cliff”.

Gaza Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Mickey Edelstein. “the reality of the past day teaches that we are required to operate in significant intensity, defensive effort complemented efforts
Spells, to restore peace and a sense of security that prevailed in the Gaza Strip since ‘ pillar ‘ until a few weeks ago. This is the natural right of the people of wrapping
The Gaza Strip and the State of Israel as a whole; And us soldiers, and Israel Defense Forces commanders, responsibility and mission to retrieve it.

We will continue to operate out of steadfastness to light. Required to operate the scheme, an initiative
And intent, based on quality and professional cooperation between the different forces.
Fight in the spirit of the IDF, get the full might and determination against the enemy vigorously and
Understand the enemy hiding among innocent population “.

The Commander of one of the divisions of the mtmarnot to take part in ground operations scenario.
“The achievement is required troops is shooting to stop Israel from destroying enemy infrastructure, fighting and launch the ogdatit region. Significant harm to come to the fore the need for rehabilitation of the terrorist organizations, to increase deterrence and significant impact on the willingness of Hamas to deal more with Israel.

Militia forces run lethal force, to win any confrontation and will maintain
The IDF spirit and values-this is our time to test, operational perspective and values.
The success of the maneuver-responsibility. We need to make quick, continuous and effective maneuvering. To do this we must demonstrate professionalism and determination to implement the necessary operational achievement. Me the southern Israel and citizens in particular are now with us, and we need to fulfill our purpose and our mission. It is a war on.

“Expect uncompromising professionalism.”

Golani Brigade Commander, Colonel resan Alian “during this period of heightened vigilance and preparedness, I expect commanders to uncompromising professionalism;
That includes making arrangements, and mental drills to power. Take time to talk with the soldiers looked them in the eye and get them to come. These actions will increase safety for soldiers not less importantly-trust the soldiers. All these bring you ready to fight, and to lead the Mission-required for her to lead the Golani Brigade to the victory.

The Commander of the Givati Brigade, Colonel Ofer vinter “consequent on and prepare for and we accept ourselves the task of mission and humility. Consequently
We are ready to risk and give our lives to protect us and our families,
Our homeland. We act together with determination and strength, initiative and trick and we strive to close with the enemy.
Do anything to stand in the mission to wipe out the enemy and to remove the threat from Israel. Us ‘ not going without. “

The Commander of the Gaza Division North Division, Colonel Yaron Finkelman “North Division mission is to protect her, and to allow normal life to the Negev residents
West. We e-mail campaign is the restoration of peace to the people of the State, with significant damage to terrorist infrastructures and capabilities of organizations working against us.

We chose this conflict-the enemy force it on us. Days teaching
Not on reality, which we must maintain vigilance and patience, and we have to be prepared and ready to achieve our best. Our strength is measured
In understanding, commitment and willingness inherent in each of us and to protect the homeland and its citizens “.

The Division Commander of the Gaza Division, Colonel Amos-“towards the bottom entrance to IDF giosikm Gaza, soldiers of the army reserves. Leaving the House, work and civic pursuits in favor of engagement the national effort is not a real breeze. Act firmly, bravely, while maintaining operational discipline, camaraderie and brotherhood of warriors. These days we need to breath and strength against terrorist organizations, in order to win and to restore quiet to the South.

Translated from Hebrew