Complex engineering tasks in Gaza — in a Flash

תרגיל הצמ”ה בעזה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

During practice, completed the Northern Brigade in Gaza as the construction and opening of labor hours. Divisional Engineering Officer: “we have changed the face of the Division within three days.”

תאריך: 27/02/2014, 13:20    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

הנדסה קרבית

P company (mechanical engineering team) of the Northern Brigade in Gaza ended the week special training, held in the operational sector itself, and thus become operational for all intents and purposes. The training ended with a big company operation, which resulted in extensive infrastructure work. “We made important and complex tasks of the Division in three days,” said divisional Engineering Officer (קהנ”ח), major Ibrahim BA, who was in charge of company practice.

The Northern Division concluded that training to be effective in itself, because it prepares the Warriors best to outline where they fight a day.
In addition, all engineering activity in the field use the unit in the future. “On fire with regiment to adjust to things, targeted after having”, explained major. “The training would be more effective if the things done in it serve then the infrastructure,” he added.

Complex engineering tasks in Gaza — in a Flash

The special operations training company lab with a variety of tools such as the D9, road graders, loaders, presses, etc. In the same frame practiced in building tanks, open positions, logistic axis axis (which is also רק”ם passage)
Mountain axis etc. “The fact that troops carried out these tasks is training and efficiency savings for the sector”, said major.
For example, the construction of the mountainous axis takes a long time, but it carried troops exercise at 15 hours. Further work was supposed to extend over six months, and the exercise was carried out in 24 hours. The company also made clear of trees with high foliage that can utilize hostile factors to hurt
The forces.

Such exposure typically lasts between three and four months, while the training spans 17 hours. The exposure was carried out in the area near the settlement, and thus raise the level of protection in the area. In addition, long battery sector was aiming is protection against anti-tank “managed to make the Division in three days,” said divisional Engineering Officer.

Complex engineering tasks in Gaza — in a Flash

The Division noted that training was very effective for p, the company boosts its nomination and gave her the operational structure. “I believe that the thing is to prove to people that they are capable of things they didn’t believe they could do,” said major BA and concluded that “the Warriors in the company have proven to themselves that they are able to perform tasks quickly and qualitatively.


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