Connected vessels: GoC army cadets win the next war.

סדרת קרב משולב. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The display capabilities of the integrated battle series (סק”ם) was held at the shizafon.
The Commander of GoC army headquarters: “the complex challenge has changed — and the ones that departments will determine the
The result of the next war. “

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

זרוע היבשה

A winning combination: a comprehensive view of combined arms series (סק”ם)
Of GoC army headquarters held last week at the shizafon, Base Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur; Main armor Officer (קשנ”ר), Brigadier General Samuel olansky; Combat master collection Officer (קאס”ר), Brig. Gen. Guy Bar-Lev and other senior figures. The sec is a significant part in the completion of combat leadership of the commanders, practicing for two weeks the cadets cooperation-soldiers, according to the latest theories in.

This capability view see Champ guy create already, but he – the view seen in the past is different significantly from that very today.
“The exhibit portrays the change that made the enemy and a new challenge and a different set for us,” he explained. “The challenge that the enemy puts us very complex. Where will maneuver phase starts not just in campaign apparently comes after a massive fire shot to the enemy.
Very significant fire shot to the rear, with the Israeli violations, “said adding that” we have to win this war in the shortest possible time “.

Connected vessels: GoC army cadets win the next war.

According to the Commander of GoC army headquarters, the first challenge of the future will have to deal with a future war would be great friction with the enemy.  “The friction we fall from the friction force as the Yom Kippur war, and in many ways, possibly costing him”, and champion that will be close, friction at all ranks and in all
Space. Who set the result will be that troops will each accomplishment that is required, and the achievements bring total victory. “

In the 1950s the late champion Ariel Sharon nature, so Meg in the paratroopers brigade – “don’t come back until you do. Even today, a few days after his death,
Is still relevant. “time Division Commander could affect the outcome of the battle.
One decision – it won’t happen today “, said the champion. “Each has agreed will have to achieve and deliver the result is required. What is required of you is making
Entire task-no one will be able to return without performing the task. The challenge is complex and you will be the ones who will determine the outcome, indicate to the cadets.

“As more professionals – so deadly.”

The future commanders of required three main components – professionalism, spirit led by commanders and cooperation-soldiers. “One of the things you need to understand is that you don’t ever alone with your Division,” said Maj. Gen. create. “You won’t see on the second class, and you’ll see the from or the entire regiment. You will need to produce the best ability you know your Department and produce the results that your Department needs to get, “he added.

He lead the field matters at all levels – and company class fighter to commanders in the field. “No one goes. You will be the first in your class.

In these days when the IDF changes and adjustments, is prominent among teams
They integrated the direction in which the army advanced. Today it is already clear that the next war will not force even by itself, but will work in cooperation with other forces, and thus maximize strength “You can’t run a collaboration) won’t be in abntchm
— Shrioner you need to know what is kleron (grenade machine gun is easy – v. f.), and live what is a hollow shell, awarded the champion.

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גדס”ר 3.0: the tour brigades upgrading. to strengthen capabilities for war.
So prepare for upcoming Majles to war.

The shilobies became very important principle in the field of the future. “All you need to know. You have to know when the engineering forces need to blowing, and what they need to break. If you do not know this – you won’t be able to make the most of collaboration, “warned major general. “It starts with understanding what cooperation can do what the comparative advantage of each body and harmony created within it,” he added.

“We need to combine the five land forces and bring their skills to the fore, and thus make the most effective land combat”, explained in an interview with IDF site Commander armor school (strange people), Colonel guy Hasson. “If (commanders of departments – v. f.) to realize the cooperation they bring a better product in the end. Think azzoarim learn to know in what context they are fighting, and what their contribution to other companies.
It is important that they realize that their ability to operate on the ground is the key to success. They need to be professionals in their field “, a strange people.

In a few weeks the cadets take their roles as commanders, thus become junior officers but in many operational meaning. “They will have a decisive effect on the outcome of the war following the encounter between us and the enemy,” explained Colonel Hasson. “They are so professional becomes more deadly. Eventually the company commanders and troops of the future “, stressed.

“Focused for the battlefield of the future”

The SEC take part: cadets, armor, artillery, combat and collection. Over the years preparing sacks describes, and this year has focused on two specific degrees. In addition, it carried out further adjustments in light of the reality of 21st century warfare, battlefield aspects of character and enemy entrenchment.

Faced with a scenario showing the sec is a very complicated event that requires an impressive technique on the troops. “The enemy (the-f and.) Collaborated.
On the battlefield, I assure you the enemy won’t cooperate, “explained champion. “All your designs here, and the ability and strength to lead the troops in the right place at the right time depends on the professionalism you create, as far as your battle experience gained, particularly experience to learn from others,” Commander of the arm.

“Two weeks out to command units. Not far from the day when we have to exercise our abilities, and you will be part of the responsibility. Nothing comes easily. It
Requires hard work, diligence, and creating confidence “, and concluded that” champion challenge is complex, and we are counting on you. “

Translated from Hebrew