Controlled district has for the first time in a civil rescue exercise

מתנדבי פרויקט סע”ר בזמן התרגיל. צילומים: ליטל פרי, דובר צה”ל

In a scenario that has destroyed buildings, injured and killed many civilians and even chaos can contribute their ability as rescuers. The initial volunteer assistance project myself, persevere סע”ר as ordinary phone

תאריך: 13/06/2013, 15:30    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

For the first time in preparations undertaken this week (Tuesday) rescue exercise attended by volunteers too סע”ר project (helping myself first). The exercise took place on the site, and Dima bats missile hit a House. “סע”ר ‘s teams are teams of volunteers and city workers to the HFC initial extraction easy, without heavy tools, “explained Lieutenant Colonel, Haifa District Orly Biton. “The training is done with the understanding that there will be many events bachirom destruction, and take about one hour until the rescue brigades of the command.
Come to the site. The teams of the סע”ר bridges this gap until you reach has agreed.”

Controlled district has for the first time in a civil rescue exercise

Begin to operate in the area before the arrival of the rescue brigades

Later the battalion came to the rescue site equipped with heavy tools and rescue the trapped. In the residence which was destroyed for that exercise prior to the demolition as 100 dolls. In addition, the exercise about 10 נפג”מים (simulated casualties). Before the battalion reached enough volunteers to extract all npagm and six dolls. “סע”ר teams are the potential of our connection to the space of volunteers at events that can be handled easily, which allows us to handle the heavy events, “said the Commander, Colonel controlled district RES cent Jubilee.
“The people in their 50s, short course and know basic methods to extract. I fill their job satisfaction in this exercise.

The exercise is part of an extensive exercise of preparations, which began yesterday and is expected to continue for three days. During these days, dozens of events, including practiced firing missiles of various types. “For two full regiments recruited exercise Regiment, skeletons.
Thousands of people, “said Colonel ret. turgeman. “We practice a wide range of events, some of which develop and become spatial events or incidents involving dangerous goods. In addition made evacuation of institutions like a hospital and a nursing homes made in collaboration with the Ministry of health. We are working with all the emergency forces working in space, and in full cooperation with the authorities, “he added.

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