Seven suspected members of criminal organizations from the South and aron, which targets, were arrested on suspicion of running the cargo transportation and slkatoshoteri
Israel police spotted two weeks ago when a powerful explosive device, which was designed to perform criminal attack in the area.
Sharon. During the task, arrested seven suspects in Ashkelon and beer. Two of the detainees are set targets
Officials, and those who ran the cargo transports and slkato in various places throughout the country.

To investigate
The event indicates that there was cooperation between criminal organizations from the South and aron and other organizations
Joined together in order to eliminate an opponent. When it became clear that the cargo was taken from where the Fleur-de-lis – concealable body armor
For the purpose of executing a criminal attack and that there is real public safety, it was decided to execute the arrests.
Of all the suspects and at the same time.

The arrests
Carried out in raids on apartments in Ashkelon and beer. During the arrest the suspects attacked the power
One of the police officers sustained minor injuries. The trunk found in one apartment and neutralised by a terrorist.
After intensive investigation and were able to formulate evidential against suspects. The day will be
Charge by District Attorney’s Office. Israel Police continue an ongoing struggle, and
Uncompromising against serious and organized crime in Israel.

Translated from Hebrew