Cross the boundaries of the imagination: special mention was awarded to charge head-designed human intelligence

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Shadow by planetary champion for its first action, which expresses the creativity, daring and imaginative borders crossing

תאריך: 06/11/2013, 08:02    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

חיל המודיעין
ראש אמ”ן
יחידה 504

Head of intelligence, Gen. Aviv kochavi, yesterday a commendation to 504, human intelligence unit and RAF intelligence agents. Special mention is awarded for its first action, which expresses the creativity, daring and crossing borders.
The top charge, order specified spring stars “champion the change made in recent years, unit allows to cope with emerging challenges in the region. This event is another example of clandestine activity breaks the boundaries of the Intelligence Division. The shadow was the Commander, Colonel k. Unit.

The intelligence activity remains largely hidden, but its contribution to tackling the challenges facing the IDF is significant. About six months ago, Gen. Aviv head charge applies, to changes in the Middle East and
“In the long run it might change the winds carry and on line, but the short-term risks and hardships are buried seeds of new threats.”

Another relates to the threat from Syria, and the development of terrorist organizations.
“Syria, which is a disturbing example, attracts thousands of global jihad. Muslims from around the world and establishes themselves, not just to topple Assad but to promote a vision of the Islamic law. Before our eyes, “warned” is open, on our doorstep, the center of global Jihad, widely, which could affect not only Syria not just Israel, but State borders on Lebanon, Jordan, Chinese-made project for the entire region, “said the top charge.

Translated from Hebrew