Decade גחל”ת system: to restore hope to prisoners

The military police recovers continues to work to return the prisoners in military jails to life routine. The Commander of the military police: critical military array, returning hope to soldiers

תאריך: 27/03/2014, 12:37    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

גחל”ת array (back to normal service forces) military police indicates the Decade. The array was established as conclusions of an elite commando unit to examine ‘ event held in 396 bass (prison) in 1997. Over the last ten years.
Since the Act passed through over 22 thousand גחל”ת obachni, these shbshns were passed over 3,000 educational classes, and over 2,000 individual Hebrew classes. More than 40
A thousand prisoners and imprisoned participated in workshops, and publication ת”ש command then imprisoned.
-Approved for more than 2,200 ת”ש requests.

“This is a value that is very difficult to assess it because it’s about the statistics that gives hope to the people, and hope cannot be measured,” the military police officer provided to the site.
“The ability of affecting people’s lives years is crucial. Therefore it is an important value, and in the army, “he added.
The network operates in two basic block, and where young women serve carefully selected as shmachori the scenes workers skilled professionals. “Every soldier imprisoned symbolizes trust crisis between the system and the soldier.”
Head, Lieutenant Colonel detention charge r Conroy. The Gospel and the novelty of being גחל”ת due to irregular holistic system connected to various factors, including אכ”א, ת”ש, education officials and above all to commanders on the ground,” he added.

Many times getting to jail is one step off the cliff for the prisoners and enters the array position. reply them away, back to normal service and significant. “The point of crisis, the bases must be a blip. This גחל”ת value”, said prison head, “we consider ourselves responsible for future generations and to think over the IDF also in ten years”.
The holistic approach of the array is characterized by close contact between all stakeholders of the services-soldier, to teaching lessons, units, commanders, and supportive care and everyone work closely in order to achieve the desired result.

The array is an essential part of running the bases. “גחל”ת value is an integral and important part in providing a second chance for soldiers and returning to continue the service. Through diagnosis, treatment, and education system we are able to get the soldier back to continue his service in the army successfully and significantly “, said the Commander, Lt. Col. s. 396 me bran.

Translated from Hebrew