Deceased Gen. Ariel (Arik) Sharon

האלוף אריאל (אריק) שרון. צילום: ארכיון

The funeral of Gen. Sharon will be held today at 2:00, eight champions will carry his coffin. Saluting the IDF action, the legacy and contribution

תאריך: 11/01/2014, 09:31    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Gen. Ariel (Arik) Sharon, among the victories in the six day war and the Yom Kippur war, died yesterday (Saturday) at Sheba hospital at age 85.
The funeral will be held tomorrow at 2:00 military on anemones, close to both.
Eight champions carry his coffin at the funeral.

Ariel Sharon was the division commanders paratroopers, also built 101 unit and served as Commander of the southern command. His career began in 1949 when eight company commander and served as Commander, Cruiser then as Commander Cruiser Division and Commander Alexandria.
In 1951, he served as intelligence officer of central command and later moved to OC.

After graduating, he returned to the IDF to establish unit 101, a unit that operated in reprisals during the Palestinian Fedayeen from Gaza and Judea and Samaria. 101 was
The first commando units of the IDF.

In 1954 he was appointed Sharon to 890 battalion of paratroopers. Later served as the paratroopers brigade. Within this context, Sharon commanded, operation kadesh “among the 38 killed as his Prime Minister. In 1957 he finished and left the command class and down in Kimberly.
, Uk. When the restore has completed a series of job training in the training Department, which control the school alive.

In 1962 he was appointed Sharon to Armor Brigade Commander and later, in 1964, he was appointed head of northern command headquarters, the guidance department after two years and commanded.
On reserve Division. He was promoted to the rank of major General in 1967.

With the outbreak of the six day war, Sharon commanded Division 38, posted in the southern districts.
Sharon led the Israeli army forces strategic fights at night and hand-to-hand and gained fame historically by the battles that lead to Abu-ageila and Abu-ageila. This battle is considered one of the most successful in the history of the IDF and is a historical episode taught by military academies worldwide.

After the war, Sharon commanded over the training Department (e). In 1969 he was appointed commander of the southern command and in this capacity he took part in the war of attrition. Within this led Sharon to commit terrorism is paralysis. These operations prevented 180 and seized about 2,000.

In 1973, Sharon began recruiting “shaped pillar of fire,” Assembly toward opening the Yom Kippur war. Sharon led his troops and armored forces battling Tel Hamadia. Later, her Division commanded by Sharon crossed the Canal and has heart operation Knights bridge “changed the face of the campaign.

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