Diego hajja came all the way from Colombia-air force

דייגו טפיה, צילום: אתר חיל האוויר

Egypt port 2014: private Diego hajja born in Colombia, South America Christian, like in Judaism, converted to Judaism and chose to join the army

תאריך: 16/04/2014, 14:10    
מחבר: נעמי צורף, אתר חיל האוויר

“Every generation have a man see himself as he came out of Egypt, the West Bank. Later named exodus in the Bible many times as an explanation for the treatment of the Jews and others, especially the weak.
The country nchriia immigrant memory coursing through my veins of the Jewish people for thousands of years, even today some which not only collective memory but also personal memory.

PFC Diego hajja, 28, was born in Bogota, Colombia’s capital. After graduating from high school, he began studying scientific research group at the University. “We learned a lot from science.
Accurate as mathematics and physics as well as philosophy. I felt I was missing something, missing no answers that I couldn’t find my religion, Christianity, “he says. “I love to read and learn, ask questions and find answers and so I started exploring religions and cultures such as Japanese and Chinese culture and Buddhism”.

During search, Diego “kuzari by Judah ha-Levi. The book is considered
One of the main pillars of Jewish philosophy which describes the foundations of Judaism.
Using the book exposed the Jewish faith and Diego feel found when searched. Diego started the process in Colombia and about three years at Meir in Jerusalem.
“It’s hard to be a Jew in Colombia and especially difficult to convert, so I decided to go abroad,” says Diego. 2011 graduated, received Israeli ID and has been recognized as a new immigrant.

To join just like everyone else.

After he immigrated to Israel and was recognized as a new immigrant, asked Diego to do the extra mile
Into the Israeli society. “I felt I needed to do something to be worthy of the blue certificate that I received, I wanted to contribute to the country and decided to enlist, like everybody else,” he says. Diego voluntarily enlisted in the service of a yeshiva for a year and a half.
“I wanted to be a fighter and ב’נצח server ‘ Judaea because I knew it was a place that will respect my religion and support of existence,” says Diego. “Eventually I got ל’פלגת in the Negev, is also part of the project” netzah Yehuda battalion, and I’m happy that I have the right to be part of the formation of a new project.

In a month will Diego and restore to finish the track and get the coveted Warrior mask. Then they catch a line in Judea and Samaria, and then get to use Nabataean destiny cruise. “We’re hoping for a lot more people like Diego, he is a determined, showing physical and mental courage, and thus inspires his team. We also appreciate him company, “said second lieutenant commander about Omri shoshani.

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Translated from Hebrew