Division 1: Golani won combat Fitness Quiz


The IDF’s combat fitness won the Division, within the large additional contestants live at the new record is to rate eligibility quiz

תאריך: 30/03/2014, 13:06    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

Annual qualification quiz conducted by the IDF, which every officer from GoC Army fighter from the combat fitness test, and martial skills, won the Golani Brigade instead of first live divisions (“by”, says physical training officer of the Regiment, captain Kelly-secret word), with an average of 91.
Followed, by a few points, the school alive, 3rd place
Captured by the Givati Brigade.

The competition took place in several houses; The rescue unit 669 and Air Force patrol the desert were the only schools grenade. Caracal battalion won Group b of the mtniot units. He won in a paratrooper schools category. “We broke records this year on the eligibility quiz is for,” said Colonel רמ”ח combat fitness, Oren,
“Thousands of officers approached him.

The Division 1 came first isolated the equation also assigns the effort, after 200 meters and Sprint at the specified time. The wounds from six bullets-bullets was 5.4. “This means that nearly every officer hit between 5-6 rounds, said Capt.
-5559. Moreover, noted with pride that “there was no Division failed. The lowest score was 70, 9 points above. The Brigade was also the only one which stood 100 percent complete, “she added.

In addition, this year the awards were divided into first excelled at all units parameters of health, nutrition and fitness. Tothanot school field in shibeta won.

Captain Dora gave the IDF site secret glimpse behind the scenes of the tester and the seriousness in which the officers are treated. “Part of the brain to attack me for their meetings and consultations, are really jazzed about it,” she said. “We also take very seriously the quiz. Each officer is assigned to a day in advance and is training for the quiz. The practice spread to their free time at home and more than three months of competition, as specified. “Eventually the examiner training in the competency of every Warrior.

Translated from Hebrew