Division 7 autumn blossom-presentation: izzoido Mark 4 carriage tankists

טנק מרכבה סימן 4

The latest tanks, weapons system “trophy”, to use the Division in the next couple of months.

תאריך: 09/02/2014, 16:54    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

חיל השריון

Due to the many changes in the armored Corps, 7th Armored Brigade will break up in the coming months is the Merkava tank and a mark 2 Merkava mark IV tanks with “trophy”. The process began at the training Brigade at armored school for about four months, and regular troops also in the coming months.

Division 7 uses the Merkava tank mark 2 for over 20 years, and this is a regular Division that uses obsolete tank. “Dilemmas Division should be
From the bright, converted with the IDF site head of theory Department of the armored Corps, Maj. Javier fawale Ajibola. “In McMurdo when deciding whether to get a regular or reserve Brigade Brigade.
Arrived in GoC army that want to leave the regular force is strong, “he added.

As mentioned above, the transformation began when commanding the 7th Brigade recruits rookies go through training on Merkava Mark 4 tank. The first battalion is expected to pass the conversion is “spear” battalion will maintain its common practice in August. “After two months of training, the battalion as operations on 4 and operative abilities are far more significant than before,” explained Maj. fawale Ajibola.

“In the process, are all regular armor divisions to newer tanks,
Explained head of theory Department at now examine for cause and the armored Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Ben Hur.
“The regular lineup is going to consist of high quality tanks only while upgrading divisions
The reserves, “he clarified. In fact, soon to end the conversion reserve Brigade “kriithi” for the Merkava tank mark IV as part of the process that passes.

Translated from Hebrew