Don’t drop the puck: wounded fighters in Gaza are listed

צילום אילוסטרציה: אילן סימקין, דובר צה”ל

They are deluged with affection and gifts from thousands of visitors, but the hearts of warriors
The injured stayed with friends to the company: “the last thing I said was I return them to the Department as soon as possible.”

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מחבר: שחר רופין ומיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

Thousands of volunteers had roiled the hospitals during operation ‘ Ethan ‘ Cliff learned that as early as the second week of operation to distinguish between soldiers and other patients, they systematically scanned my neck the other inmates. The puck seemed so foreign military background of his hospital gown, so detection. Once they spotted puck they stormed a lavish and sweets on the soldier. Wounded soldiers that they don’t, but all chose to put the puck around their necks.

The wounded were descriptions of the fighting in the Gaza Strip, tales of heroism and courage.
רס”ל (Ret.) Eugene managed to participate in several skirmishes in Gaza before he was injured. “This was one: a terrorist out of the tunnel into a building, shooting at the IDF force from one of the Windows, and then log back into the tunnel,” he explained, noting that “our pride is that we were able to locate three shafts, disguised as one of them was abandoned” in pride.

“The feeling slowly sharpened after we passed one more chance”

רס”ל (Res.), infantry reserve force is Eugene (cumulative company regular armor Brigade), who injured his back while fighting in the Gaza Strip. “The last thing I said was I return them to the Department as soon as possible,” he recalled in a conversation to the site.

Although wishing to return to his friends, he and other wounded, many were forced to stay in bed due to
Injuries. Choice, when I couldn’t sleep in my bed, his room and out walks the halls of the hospital. Thanks to these trips he became a famous fountain, for years for him to congratulate him on his behalf. “The company also tried to be
Soldier leads to exploit my attempt to stand out and make correct decisions, “testified.
Wounded, Sergeant (Ret.) Eugene several skirmishes occurred in succession within 48 hours in the Gaza Strip. “At the beginning of the movement over a distance of about three kilometers from the border into the Gaza Strip seemed pretty deserted. Not recognize human movement, only members of ghost, restore après. “At first I felt completely safe, but feeling
The sharpened after slowly moved one more chance. We’ve passed from House to House, swept all the houses which were suspected of terrorism and went into a tunnel
A building, shooting at us and tried to return to the ground, “he continued.

Like other forces, even his troop of Sergeant (Ret.) Eugene transaction exposure.
“We found three tunnels, two shafts out of the Gaza Strip, before the entrance and one inside. He was inside an abandoned building, included such urban territory, “recalled. “Hard
Imagine where the hidden shafts. It’s just surreal, “he added.

His wife and son still didn’t know who was inside the Gaza Strip, and wounded until they saw that he was on his feet. “My wife is 7 months pregnant and had one son. I don’t need to get them to panic, “he said.

“The time I feel that I have two sisters and tens of thousands of brothers”

Sgt. (Ret.) Zahi, who was injured before, lying in his bed covered with roses and flags. During the period of hospitalization is not stopped blaming himself for being unable to participate in hostilities, and tirelessly his ‘ nuclear battery ‘, immigrated from
Around the world. On his left arm a huge tattoo of a regiment. “I grew up all my life with two sisters, went to Israel alone. But now, while I reserve
Feel like I have two sisters and brothers were the tens of thousands.

Company logo (Ret.) Zahi consists of former nuclei members, including graduates ‘ nuclear battery ‘, who immigrated to Palestine. In the reserves he meets every time u.s. births, Argentina, Sweden, etc. Similar to the company, also visited him in the hospital, people from all over the world. “The State of Israel was already here. People rose from age 5 to 85, “he answered. “It reminds me of a phrase I always say: the army you carry on your back, but the country holding the heart.

Opposite sex symbol, that Zahi Annan join the regiment. Annan in Gaza with the rest of the classroom course apprentice until he was shot by a sniper. Clustered around the bed
His friends and family. “I was injured on a mission. We went to blast a tunnel and waited for hours until darkness fell, “said. “Before coming to command, in the last few minutes before dark completely, was shot from a sniper. Since I don’t remember, “sighed. “There is no doubt there was a sense of constant danger. However, the troops always
Alert “. When the Sergeant’s friends interview Abu steal still fought. “I want to strengthen my friends still inside, said.
CPL. Nuriel, a Golani Regiment 13, making sure to check the news but made it only through his phone. His cellphone was still by the battalion took him before the bottom. “I just want to ask the members to keep themselves, they know I’m here.”,
He said. His mother said the first thing he did when he arrived in the hospital bed was to claim his belongings bag came with a fight-and wrap around his neck the puck.
In terms of the puck is a source of pride, despite the losses suffered by the regiment on parade just grew stronger.

Translated from Hebrew