Don’t sleep on: 12 battalion of the Golani combat employment agreement on Egypt border

Prevention of smuggling and preventing פח”ע events, maintaining defense along with preventing escalation in border. Golani fighters summarize time feeling against Sinai Peninsula

תאריך: 30/12/2013, 13:38    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הדרום

At six months, 12 of the Golani Brigade battalion made operational in employment-a complex sector which have dealt with forces an average of three smuggling attempts a day when concern for hostile terrorist activity (פח”ע).
Along the line prevented dozens of smuggling activities, and several attempts of infiltration. “The line demanded the soldiers calm and self-control”, told IDF site rovith company, Captain Yaron. “However, we had to maintain constant vigilance. Each event can be be
פח”ע,” said.

Auiomat sands region at three hundred sixty degrees. On the one hand, infiltration attempts through the fence in favor of smuggling, illegal immigration or פח”ע event, shhassh is a hostile officials from organizations affiliated with Al Qaeda and sitting in the Sinai Peninsula. On the other hand, the fighters are dealing with smugglers from the Israeli side. “Most of our work is a fence inside”, Captain.

The company commander explained that tackling smuggling can be more difficult than dealing with terrorism. “With a very clear, was unarmed and smugglers so we won’t open fire at them but have to catch them,” Captain — Jordanian and added that “such a situation less clear rules – which requires of us flexibility and ability to move quickly from task to task by assessing the situation on the ground.”

Rovith, company, Captain Chen raised the issue of intelligence gathering — sometimes the smugglers from Bedouin tribes from areas of the country, so you can’t pick them early intelligence. “We are many, and I suggest the presence on the ground”, referring to the activity sector.

In addition, the security forces also set up along the southern border. Completion of construction of the fence.
Ended a short time ago, but she also led to significant increase in smuggling. Define standing at a height of three meters and a depth of several meters into the aqueduct. In sector understand that it is a serious obstacle on the ground and pressing.

The fact that it is on the border of peace requires military action, to maintain security on the one hand and lead to escalation. The soldiers of the Egyptian border guards, for their part, often collaborating with smugglers, taunting the Israeli fighters and
Them kissing. “No one can assure us that this is a terrorist disguised as a soldier,” explained captain.

According to Captain Saturn, this line also has advantages for combat readiness to deal in all sectors. “The attempt here in another sector. I believe they need to experiment in all sectors and describe, “adding that” here they learned how to work the land Sandy – camouflage themselves in the sand and Sandy position eg. Jordanian Captain added that operators were taught him how to deal with live ammunition line. “There’s not a soldier shot him or he told” and concluded that “they revived the fire safety.
Companies have evolved from this line both operationally and financially and professionally.

Translated from Hebrew