Dozens of soldiers have completed 12 years of schooling during the course תג”ת

The project is held twice a year at the base of oak, allowing hundreds of soldiers to complete their high school education. The Base Commander: we contribute to the strength of the State of Israel. “

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

מחו”ה אלון
חיל חינוך

תג”ת class (high school diploma), complementary bus soldiers at the end of 12 years of service at the base of oak, came to an end two weeks ago.
170 soldiers and warriors supporters, attended the graduation course btecs “These soldiers for various reasons failed to graduate. The majority due to the arrival of socio-economic backgrounds, who were forced to work. The ADHD, who did not receive proper support from the families and the education system, “explained captain
Overseas base, Lt. Col. Raz Carney. “This is the last chance for them to complete 12 years of study before they depart for civilian life,” said.

תג”ת course held bus twice a year in the form of closed base happy.
800 soldiers per year end תג”ת course, it is one of the oldest courses in protest. Tens of thousands of soldiers have completed their education in high school.

The last class ended 17 girls and -153 boys who studied different subjects.
The soldiers arrive after full military service, some elite units like paratroopers brigade, Golani Brigade, and Duvdevan unit. “It’s not just this certificate, diploma to life”, said Lieutenant Colonel Kearney. “Part of the completion of the course, not used to learn, and their learning skills needed to rebuild. We succeed where many have failed “, adding that” at the end of the next age, fails to work with 15 students in the class and move them six matriculation exams,
The difficulties and although many teachers failed to reference it.

According to him, the frame can’t operate due to maintain discipline and professionalism. In the past, the course has been created as a task the novices guest guard designed for McCarthy, boys participants began their military base.
Today it is not a criterion for participation in the course, but many of the course graduates each year are still based Alumni guest.
Lieutenant Colonel, he commanded Fort Custer based on guest, saw in the various roles the same soldiers in two ways during the service. “I saw rows of soldiers who started at guard, who came to us at the beginning of the service, and desperate, they sit in the classroom and learning. At the end of the service, תג”ת course, I see other people,” he shared. “Those soldiers every year 800 are the real heroes. Some difficulties at home along with learning difficulties, and succeed despite obstacles. I learned from it as from a commander in the paratroopers, emphasises.

This week Deputy yearly among warmers between course graduates, is one of those young people who began
Their base of experience. He came to the service tag in the Kfir Brigade, and after completing OCs. “The course was very intense and brought me some experience, the experience I had at the beginning of the service. Nevertheless I felt differently: I got more mature and serious attitude towards the future. To complete matriculation at the age of 27 is not easy, “said.

Now, 170 soldiers leave for citizenship, or as in the case of permanent service yearly, as another tool to their shvidam. “What we’re doing here, we contribute to the strength of the State of Israel. The army exam is not just the amount of tanks and weapons, but also the quality of the people in it, “concluded the Commander.

Translated from Hebrew