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A barrier manned in the area home believed him went Sergeant Tomer’s killer.
Cantor, and section 95% decrease of Palestinian infiltrators. The operation administrators emphasize the importance of the activity against the transporting and employers in

תאריך: 24/02/2014, 13:52    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל


Several people who undergo illegal interests in the State of Israel through Samaria region decreased by 95 percent in recent months. This is due to increased enforcement following the murder the soldier Sergeant Tomer z Cantor
By in the village of Beit Amin. The murder occurred the week moved to Israel in 1654, when last month the number stands at about 30 a week on average.

The decrease in the number registered in the wake of the decision, received a few days after the murder, to staff 24 hours a day the transition from sector majority. In this way also Nidal Ammar, murderer of Sergeant Tomer z Cantor the pass lies between the village of Beit Amin, in the territories of Judea and Samaria, and the village of ‘ Azzun ‘ atma in Israel territory.

Before the murder, manned the checkpoint only a few hours each day, during peak hours, and held him for tightening. “In the past would come from all over Judea and Samaria to the village of Beit Amin, because they knew that away no problem for ‘ Azzun atma. From there moved easily into Israel through “hacks”, the taoz battalion passes military police, Lt. Col. Amir to thank. “On the road waiting for them masi’i. Today, the pass is closed and only residents of ‘ Azzun atma can for him. “

The relatively free to allow for the existence in Israel. “Until the murder wasn’t crossing. Every person asked for his assertions are visiting family, visit friends and come to shop in the village, “said Battalion Chief mercantile company
Taoz, which is responsible for the sector, Capt. Ofer Galit. “From this figure that the logon based 2D platform, in order to work in Israel, becomes a criminal and eventually a Tin”, and added that although there is no doubt that most of the infiltrators to Israel do it for work, no decrease in the weight of responsibility.
“The potential of everyone who goes to work, can become something else,” said.

Dramatic in the ‘hood activist

In addition to stepping up enforcement at the border, following the murder of speed creation of concrete fence designed around ‘ Azzun atma. Today, about half of the village.
Surrounded by a fence and the establishment is expected to be completed in September 2014. According to Lieutenant Colonel to Zuber, following increased enforcement significantly raised the number of requests for passes. “Most of those who passed through legal loopholes could through the checkpoint, but there were no queues, breaches in tightening or opening hours,” he said. “If in the past the crowds came and went from the breaches are, today, but individual scores, released them following the inspection. This point can be handled in the same way more significant infiltrators, “he added.

In light of the increased enforcement was observed an increase in counterfeiting of ID cards and the attempts by jumping over the fence or while damaging the fence. To prevent these cases from “lightning” battery of artillery regiment “Thunder”, which is operational in sector employment, strict checks at the checkpoint and ambushes in the vulnerabilities on the fence.

“Battery lightning bolt”, which has reached a figure about a month and a half ago, engaged in a complex mission that requires a higher operational voltage its greatest warriors. Are several pop-ups
Times a day to prevent in breaking and ambushes. In addition, there is a mental challenge because a large part of the Western population. “We talk a lot soldiers on values and human dignity,” said Sue lightning, Captain Ron Liebowitz. “The work here szifit and can be abrasive, and we talk about how to act with determination but with sensitivity and IDF spirit”.

Consequently, the Ministerial Committee for legislation approved last week a bill stipulating punishment against worsening driving, employers and credible of b.
The proposal sets to change the definition of מ’עוון ‘ ל’פשע ‘ this offense, which allows to impose a heavier penalty on defendants in one of these offences. “The issue is resolved and if we get on. This issue is resolved by treating what we call the three-sided, and credible. If those who drive the same mile, fence, in the center of the country or keep him, there would be no reason for him to sneak into the country, said Lieutenant Colonel to Zuber.

Translated from Hebrew