Dramatic increase in the percentage of female combat roles by tailoring to the Navy.

לוחמת חיל-הים בהשבעת הטירונות האחרונה. צילום: חיל-הים

At the same time increase the number nershmit the settlement yeshiva. The Commander of the boot camp: “there are the first signs program to integrate ultra-Orthodox in warfare positions.”

תאריך: 23/04/2014, 12:27    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
שירות נשים

The training involved the hoshiva month of the naval training base, recorded a record number of women (through fins unit), along with the continued rise in yeshiva warfare roles.

This is the first ever in which the number of women exceeds the number of fighters, as they represent 57% of the unit’s heritage, including religious warfare.
The current cycle is a real leap: vocations class 2012 unit stood at 20%, and only about 12% in 2013, amtgiisim were women. After further recruitment is in the number of fresh combat in exactly 50%.

“It’s important for me to tell all the girls finger about a warrior’s role, particularly in the Navy.
-Don’t worry. It’s our place to prove ourselves as women to be warriors and lead “, told IDF site private light, one of the fighters who join the unit.
“The girls here are consolidated, and the supporting structures,” she added.

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