Eagle Battalion soldiers first candle: the new collection which was established a year ago.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Department’s observation that the regiment’s Eagle Celebrate Hanukkah holiday against Syria, which is the region watching on a regular basis. The Battalion Commander: “the advantage of the Regiment is the intimate atmosphere”

תאריך: 27/11/2013, 19:47    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

גדוד עיט
איסוף קרבי
פיקוד הצפון

The Department’s observations, the Eagle battalion cut Syria, converge as
Dinner in the briefing room. The accept (random collection) should be for homework and summarize the day. While the Division intelligence officer prepares to give intelligence review.
The authority to accept themselves chatting merrily. ״אני no longer follow-closing with me this weekend? “, the cheerful, philosopher, Jordan Township in the first row.
I decided this time over mochi make ourselves Donuts, potato pancakes, potato pancakes, she says, and her voice getting slow as the list grows. You can hear the dripping oil on the floor of the kitchenette.

The Department is already sprouting buds the Hanukkah holiday spirit-the first of the young, there is less than a year. The lighting of the candle accompanied by bursts of spontaneous songs.
Our ״יש Department tradition, says Sergeant lidor Itzhaki. Every Saturday we’re making dinner together, and we decided to share the collection, too, lists and adds that they have ״אפילו agreed to keep their activities food side. They came, חג״ atmosphere.

The battalion commander, UDI סא״ל me going to light a candle with any units held out for. Only eight months ago called the new regiment, and with all the school pride involves
It is also a challenge. ״זה not just commanders to create a new identity, motivation and passion to the unit, he says. The advantage of the Regiment is the intimate atmosphere.
Chanukah is a holiday highlighting the targeted valency of fightin’ around עוינת״, he says and adds that the whole point of the Regiment is to prevent the event container (hostile terrorist activity – s.) hostile environment next, which is the border of combat.

In the current era, condemned Syria changes constantly and requires constant learning Regiment. ״אנחנו learning new threat that terrorist organizations will incessantly towards Israel.
This has an impact on all aspects of our activity, both on the ground, he said.

Within the intensive operational, Hanukkah celebrations will be on call — at every meal and tour the regiment went to him, part of the battalion’s soldiers and combatants will have to be absent.  ״זה worth
Because I feel satisfaction, a symbol of אדיר״. To know that at every I-mode of power.

Translated from Hebrew