Ended 29 cycle of POO “Afek”; “the army will continue to act, be prepared for an effort.”

הרמטכ”ל בנאום בפו”ם. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The graduation ceremony was held in the shadow of the cliff with them ‘, which allowed for the course real-time learning challenges. “The army will continue to protect and act in any way, any method. Hamas understands and feels the size mistake “

תאריך: 13/08/2014, 19:27    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

Tonight (Wednesday) course graduation ceremony at central command and healthy down (issue). The ceremony took place in the presence of the Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff and champions are invited. Chief of general staff, Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, the national resilience rear during operation return in years “in Judea and Samaria and carry out the” Cliff “in the Gaza Strip. “I want to tell you that we have a solid company standing months days in two different scenes in two different operation methods in two different purposes.
Once to find three boys and another time to bring peace and security to many areas and many houses. , And very close. “

He later referred to the shilobies shown throughout performing “Cliff”.  ”
Jointness. course leader called it, which indeed. The shilobies is in the air, at sea, on land, in intelligence, in front of the entire length, neck length as far as whatever “, Chief.” the huge effort of combat assistance, legal,
And supporting bereaved families in cemeteries and the wounded in hospitals. This is a huge technological effort that bore fruit the minds of people who have created over the years, such as iron Dome, “he added.

According to the IDF, was characterized by complex and sustained operational.
“We saw things wherever we-cute and scanning centers,” said Lieutenant General Gantz. “The determination and the accuracy inherent in high Valence: the cockpit of an airplane,
Each cell activation of unmanned aircraft, ship’s weapon system and fire source
Once on land, “.

He later addressed the determination of the combat units in the field. “Exposed to lead from the front of commanders, leaving behind the families and the rear looking forward to the task.
Their men behind, and enemy’s white eyes, dark tunnel of light that you are seeking, and scholars and researchers, “said IDF Chief., as usual, was set for the current campaign against the terrorist organization Hamas. “Was prepared in advance. Our reluctance to implement each of these challenges met. I want to tell you about a mission that was left standing at the base of that activity was routine, so in times of emergency, in time of war, “explained Lt. General Gantz.

Also, treat the casualties who fell in battle. “I want to tell you about sacrifice.
Unusual that happened and allow more required. The sacrifices of flesh deep etched, and that left us painful sores that you remember forever – standing next to the rear with them keeps us and embraces the three families of civilians killed during the fighting as well as the wounded, some of them very difficult, we are still in the hospitals and to recuperate, “Lieutenant General — be Gantz.

Referring to continued fighting against the terrorist organization Hamas, said that “I want to tell you that you can still laugh and not pay. As we have said so, I say today. we will continue to defend, we will continue to act, to be prepared for, in any way, any method. Hamas began the event mask of Judea and Samaria in the abduction and the opening by the South understand and feel the size mistake. We are also strong in the days to come, “said Lt. General Gantz.

He admitted in the course and the training staff. “I want to tell you about yourself. On ashiitchm throughout the years and in the last act. I want to know
And I learned that understanding of the law and learned and amkatm. Some even sexually partners
Active work in fighting everywhere. It wouldn’t be the first, but you come to the task, the action as necessary everywhere. I would like to thank the staff, and wish us all success in the sequel “, concluded.

Commander: “the IDF is required to act as” Orchestra

The Commander, Colonel Sharon Afek, according to carrier and graduates also discussed the “Cliff” operation in the Gaza Strip. Recently heard loud sounds to our ears-the Thunder cannons and iron dome rocket launchers, whistle howling alarm, news headlines and come out fighting, “said.

Later in the course control between the IDF and functioning of Orchestra. “The IDF is required to act as the military orchestra consists of different groups of instruments, some of them in front of the stage and some archived. To generate this Orchestra the best sound she must act in harmony, rather than a collection of individuals, “said Colonel Afek. “Every player in the Orchestra must know to play my best level, but not enough to be an expert player. He has to understand, to recognize when he or she should log in, who is out, who is and who is Commander, elaborated.

He said that the entire military success depends on collaboration between particular individuals, between unit and unit commander to the Commander at all levels. “The second half of the course was on a return ‘ brothers ‘, and then ‘ Cliff fighting with them, which increased the importance of IDF activity as one system, as one collective area commanders and staff alike,” explained Colonel Afek.

Owing to the parallelism between the event class, some students of the course were involved in the fighting, and others were given the opportunity to learn about the units that they will. “During the period made this course adjustments and changes that enabled real-time learning and Army combat challenges, and how the army needed to act”, awarded the Commander.

In summary, the course and strengthened by the bereaved families and the injured. “You can say that about who to trust. From a short introduction time, I am convinced that many more correct your achievements. Continue to learn and to strengthen the mind and body, “he said. “Our heart forgets, commanders and soldiers not where fighting, including graduates of the courses. We reinforce by bereaved families and wish to assist their recovery of the injured, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew