Enlist the desert patrol battalion.

תרגיל בגדס”ר. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Every recruit, you join a year ago on operational experiences
The recruitment Unit became obvious thing in our culture. We like family Warrior “

תאריך: 25/11/2014, 15:40    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014

It happened in the middle of the night. CPL. Joseph ausam @BHI …, the desert patrol battalion listened to voices, without seeing anything. He heard shouts and realized that now is the moment of truth. There is no room for error. “We stood in front of the tunnel and waited for the order to destroy it,” he recalled. “One of my friends standing near the open saw a bomber. Thanks to the quick response of power prevented a disaster and has been hurt. At the same time I saw death in front of their eyes. “

@BHI … cpl. was drafted a year ago exactly the desert patrol battalion, also known as Geddes, Bedouin The Regiment, which specifies the year 20 years after its founding, took part in the important and assist in destroying terrorist tunnels were discovered. “I chose to go to this place because Geddes we all understand each other,” says cpl. @BHI …. “There are no differences of language or culture, and I feel that accept who I am and not discriminatory to not abuse,” he added.

Enlist the desert patrol battalion.


The infantry battalion, are fighting not just track but very satisfying. “Our training hard physically but also emotionally,” shares @BHI … cpl.. “It’s something far from ordinary life. Who’s to Geddes desert should be very confident and believe in the way he walks. In addition, it should be a person with high self discipline and ability to fill orders quickly and accurately “.

Despite the quick Maury into fighting mode number @BHI … cpl. wouldn’t give up the right to contribute during the last operation. “I joined because it is something that has become obvious thing in our culture. I got all the support I needed. Mostly all my friends and my family are with me in the regiment. We’re like family, “says fighter @BHI … cpl.. “When I first arrived, I was a little spoiled, but I’ve learned to suffer in silence and enjoy”, he admits.

Translated from Hebrew