Enlist to protect: “despite the silence – ready and vigilant.”

סוללת כיפת ברזל. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Leg 1 November 2013, the interceptors in the aerial defense were willing to reveal the brilliance behind the title: special sneak peek quoted senior iron dome systems, Patriot and arrow

תאריך: 27/11/2013, 12:23    
מחבר: צחי בירן ואלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2013
כיפת ברזל

Recruitment for the aerial defense today, takes place a week from the date it was specified a year operation “pillar”, where tblata especially “iron dome interception
Hundreds of rockets fired at Israel
From the Gaza Strip. The Commander of the air defense command, Brig. Gen. Shahar Shohat, summarizes the period with satisfaction: “institutional level. we are in a period of relative quiet – sideways
II restrained. However, there are quite a few new scenes that incidents experienced in which events –
In the North Sea, so we cannot find ourselves vigilant but somewhat less vigilant. As an array we’re ready and high skill “, said.

Enlist to protect: “despite the silence – ready and vigilant.”

According to Tower, the array is headed by going in, buildup “We continue to have additional systems as well – I hope that morning of absorbing ‘ magic wand ‘,
Brigadier General said Shohat. He added a tower this morning that soldiers serving and will serve in
Air Defense operations the IDF’s purpose – protection of Israel. They are relevant in a wide spectrum of conflict – from routine, the way we hold chonnoies to time operations and wars “.

The Commander of air defence, Colonel ran star, told IDF website that “our basic training is first and foremost a service to them in case the soldier, a warrior, a warrior for air defense fighter.
The soldiers will be in a few months, combatants in many weapons systems on all batteries, though. They will protect sensitive areas, will name the country against rockets and
An unmanned aircraft and perform ground combat missions of various kinds.

Enlist to protect: “despite the silence – ready and vigilant.”

This recruitment cycle count is considered greater in relation to previous cycles, according to Brig. Gen. Shohat is
Most important, too. “You have reached in the air force fighters from air defense command”, air defence Commander in the air force. “They say the best attack is defence and we are part of the effort includes in-air force fighter formation, family”, concluded.

The iron dome battalion commander, Lt. Col. Gilad Byrne,
Stressed that “even before the offer was motivated to reach the iron dome and it continues today. Now more clearly that this regiment to enlist conditions of life, in a very dynamic and active graph graph based not obvious but
The status of the Joint Chiefs.  We’re going to be where they need us. If the opalano-because you need us “. Lieutenant Colonel Byrne noted that the current generation of recruits is “a very smart and direct generation. A generation which knows how to express things that sound sometimes veteran commanders as audacity. I think is very good and my soldiers had to prove themselves in changing situations and not physical conditions, they have done so with great success.
The northernmost country name protection wing, Lieutenant Colonel Amir, explained in an interview with IDF website that
The diamond system’s (Patriotic) finds himself shortly after training.
In a position of responsibility and influence. “The current generation is different from my generation, drafted 20 years ago – the generation not dwindling, vice versa. The soldiers very technological day and understand much more quickly. We’re looking for people who understand technology and are able to make decisions in the short periods of stress “, elaborated.

Enlist to protect: “despite the silence – ready and vigilant.”

Lieutenant Colonel Amir noted that because the soldier’s training does not end with the arrival to the battalion,
But upon completion of the basic training period. “Part of the challenge of today is to train commanders
The soldiers and to prepare them for the next generation of senior officers. A soldier could find himself as Commander of a battery after three years of service as an officer, carrying a very large responsibility “, said. He said each soldier weapon system means something dramatic regarding operational mission success. The ability of the soldier to achieve operational readiness mentally-system is the one who will build it so that certain situations, helps him to be the first to know about the attempted intrusion of an aircraft, “he added.

“The weapons aren’t worth too much without the people.”

Even the Commander of the unit “sword and shield” (arrow), Lt.-Col.
ORI Eyal, stressed the great importance of quality personnel serving in air defense. “I know that John didn’t say it on soldiers, but I mean really – there’s a completely different unit pride, and doing special things with people.
Special, said adding that “weapons, with all due respect, isn’t worth too much without the people who knew how to operate it correctly.”

Enlist to protect: “despite the silence – ready and vigilant.”

The outgoing Commander of air defenses, Colonel Yoni-Sayeda, told to the IDF website on the get, home defense, to succeed in crossing consisting of the army, citizen soldier. “The first is the connection supports the newbie – parents – we meet them in draft day, teachers day here on the base. We show them what we planned and their bridges gap between what they know and (military Chief past b.) why you son or daughter pass big gap which in my opinion, “explained Colonel-Sayeda.

The first week the rookies don’t experience high physical activity, but they can be
Acclimation time. Weeks of space including glide, shooting etc – made in a more advanced stage of training. “Growth is physically living inside a tent, for instance, without merging.
It is also a condition in which the rookie runs all day without parents, and connection to Facebook.
I can say that after three or four weeks since this process began, we see them in a completely different situation, “said the Commander of air defense school.

Translated from Hebrew