Enlisted first living armor Corps


Within 1 November 2013, also joined by the tankists infantry fighters, as part of the changes in the force and to the battlefield. From: “battalion moved on and found ourselves.”

תאריך: 24/11/2013, 15:20    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2013
חיל השריון

Raising armor is underway: the recruits will today (Sunday) in the school of armor would be the company’s first helps, history and become the first class into the armored Corps.

Most recruits will be tank battalions, while a small portion goes to companies that help. “Designed to reach the best armor and keep shizafon, where according to choice can be in one of three regular tank battalions, companies that help or try to” Nahal patrol company, explained in a conversation with the IDF battalion commander who will prepare your troops alive, Lieutenant Colonel Omar. “The recruits to live have 82 profile. Beyond that, it is important to have motivation, “said.

Enlisted first living armor Corps

Live tracks and the tanks are acceptable, and rookies will be simultaneously basic training.
Will last about four months and advanced training for four months. While the eight months shrioner finishes the training tank driver with a tank, live training graduates as Scout, spotter or killed them, “explained the new Mag.  Also, depending on the change opens the course corresponds to the tanks of grade controls companies that help.

Along the route, armored force defense cadets join their strengths and learn how to work together.
“The combination will help soldiers to tanks in each level, and learn about each other”, said Lieutenant Colonel Levin. “The fighters alive learn on the tank and some routes perform abdominal exercises. The exercises are combined to create a combination so tight that big power production, “and stressed that” the act completely organic operations. The goal is to create mutual so deep between helps tankists we get to wonder how it was possible.

At the same time, have the prospects to face challenges. “This mighty Monster needs help to get maximum efficiency and to carry out tasks that tank,” said Lieutenant Colonel Levin regarding the importance of living next to the tanks. “Talking a lot about the change of the dynamic of battle and the battlefield. Armored Corps was moving on and invent himself.
, Which is not only streamline the force but made him much more deadly, “he explained.

But it is important to remember that along with the fighters, the main force is still of the tank. The training also tankists for changes depending on the battlefield. “The training purchased tankist longer of tanks,” explained troop commander “responsible for basic training and basic training, Lt. Col. Ronen. “We take a number of days to improve
Skill level in the tank, “he added. According to him, the technology continues to advance and the amount of training.
The tank driver remained very complex. “We want to reach a deeper level of knowledge, so that the soldiers could get advanced training period with higher capabilities. The weapons also
They significantly advanced, and it is important to impart more knowledge, “clarifies”.

The force continued to emphasize that the armored Corps remained a decisive factor in the battlefield.
“It has always been decisive armor force. It applies advanced which are within the transmission, “claimed Lieutenant Colonel. “We understand that with the changes and the changes would strengthen the force, so the company opened helps. It thinks and force fit
Himself to fighting, and we find solutions that allow to reach the professional level and skill on the battlefield, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew