Cops, fighters and volunteers spread across the capital to save the order and security, the security and the Jerusalem District Explorer tnoahampkd today (Friday) around the city, stood at staging and operational deployment of the fighters, and Miss. The District Commander spoke with police and fighters from the various arrays are in East Jerusalem, the city and the Jerusalem envelope, praised them for their efforts and contributions, many residents of the capital security and many critics greeted them wishing happy holiday.

Jerusalem police, fighters, border reinforcement units throughout the country and מ״י volunteers are spread throughout the city, and who places, shopping centres and markets, around the old city and its environs for maintaining synagogues and worshippers, security, and traffic.

The officers, policemen and fighters from working hard to allow all worshippers of the three religions to exercise their freedom of religion and worship, on the preservation of safety and well-being. The District Commander greeted the residents of Jerusalem wishing happy holiday and peace, saying that “the police’s contact with the public and national solidarity among the residents of the armed forces are a key element in the ability to manage successfully the city

Translated from Hebrew