Eshel: “חיה”א activities affect our enemies in the Middle East. “

הרמ”ט הנכנס והיוצא. צילום: גיא אשש, חיל האוויר

Eshel said things in רמ”ט Exchange ceremony. For the job.
Norkin, replacing Brig.-Gen. entrant in the General calendar of topolnsky, appointed as head of manpower. Brig. Gen. norkin: “the investigations are combined within the plan year
2015. “

תאריך: 12/08/2014, 17:25    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל ונדב ברגר, אתר חיל האוויר

צוק איתן
חיל האוויר

Brig. Gen. amikam norkin was appointed today (Tuesday) to head down. Brig. Gen. put norkin replaced Brig. Gen. Hagai topolnsky position, which has served in this capacity during the past few years and is expected to be appointed as head of manpower.

The ceremony took place at the IAF base at Tel Aviv College, Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, and additional controls. “It is clear to me that in the long term operation Cliff Ethan ‘ register as a significant milestone in the process of changing the overall security situation,” said Eshel. “The IAF attack while exercising great firepower and accurate, complex conditions and land forces, relief will be felt for many years in Gaza
And will affect all our enemies throughout the Middle East. The IAF has registered world records in defence and strategic rocket array blunt to marginal damage level.

End of operation “Cliff”, bring new challenges to expect. “After atiissot and units operated in strength and power session started in the new version, as at the end of each period of combat, we are required to clean up after the kids went ‘,” said Rama, Brig. Gen. norkin. “The investigations will be incorporated within the program 2015. We have our work cut out right, but I came into the job and the time
In confidence – thanks to you, I know I have who to trust “.

Brig. Gen. topolnsky apart today from air force where he served for over 30 years. “Every job I did and enjoyed it, but lately everybody up,” said the outgoing head of. “It was a life experience. Me and my body moving to the wing personnel to ensure the army and servants, but my spirit, heart and soul remain here with the air force forever. “

Translated from Hebrew