Ethan boys developed professional courses at the beginning of the service

נערי מקא”ם בחוות השומר. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

In now considering an earlier professional courses, so that the certificate subject
Will be issued with the beginning of the service. At the same time, there was a 50% expansion in the number of soldiers.
Trained in this

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל


In care testing: from the beginning of his military service, McCarthy boys will be (promoting special populations) and kitchen designers professional certificate. Alongside the pilot, recorded a 50% expansion in the existing courses
Today at the end of the service: 193 soldiers trained in 2012 in a variety of professions, 284 in 2013.

Today, about half a year before the soldier is released, that offers him to join the courses to open in nine civilian schools and colleges-financed and the IDF contributions. The soldier taking a course of six months, as he has in his hand toward the certificate invalid. The course, for example, opened this year for the first time, he gets a diploma on behalf of leading companies such as Cisco and albite. “There are some adults who already played in the high-tech,” said second lieutenant to the IDF website shine
Shamir, civilian courses officer for education officer and Chief youth (take).

Now tests can bring civil to main courses. The format
If new out, multiple benefits grow even more also a soldier and the army.
“The IDF could exploit the knowledge purchasers to do quality and professional service.
Meanwhile, the soldiers had amassed experience in two or three years in the same field as a profession, and select use them to find a job then, “said second lieutenant dill.

Already around March-April monthly is designed to open up the course of technology, will begin in the military service. In the distant future, well designed graphics course, CA soldiers advance Intelligence roles. Another mentioned medical secretarial duties and hasnoth.

Meanwhile, starting from the end of 2012 also emphasis on integrating Ethiopian immigrants in civic courses. Out of 284 courses graduates in 2013, 18% were ex-athiopiia. “Attention that each course opens-combine them,” noted second lieutenant dill. “A concern and a meaningful military integration”, head of integration in northern command, Lieutenant Dror Merav, about it. “Civilian courses open doors”, concluded.

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