After a complex investigation regarding fraud and breach of trust by the Mayor and other officials transferred the case to the national prklitotihida of Israel Police finished investigating this extensive and complex and infrastructure Sub-Committee
Concerned to commit fraud and breach of trust by the Mayor of Ramat Gan, Israel singer
And Deputy Director of the municipal culture, Amnon. It in the context of promises given to operators and service providers
Services that have helped them in the election campaign and efforts to fulfill promises, which in some cases
Was consummated.

In addition to performing evidentiary formulated crime of fraud and breach of trust by
A senior municipal supervision Department in connection with conflict of interest which run as part of his relationship with a contractor.
In the city.
The inquiry investigated the Mayor, municipal Manager סמנכ״ל culture and class ranking
Control under caution and interrogated dozens of warning involved, carried out searches,
Large-scale documents seized and carried out a variety of investigatory actions.

The investigative material, during municipal elections held in
2013, running, singer active benefits election system and various service providers
That helped him and worked for him who paid and who reduced without any wages. Including, singer
Activists and service providers that must be drawn after the elections to the municipality or related institution
Or selected to perform projects in connection with the city and its institutions.

Yes, after
The pick of singer, singer and mud, used his right hand throughout the election period in order
To keep promises and find employment and active connections and suppliers. In some cases indeed
Rotiham of them activists hired by the municipality, or received as employees at City Hall.
And institutions.

Another suspected investigation findings during discharge, that a senior supervisory Department in the municipality
Ramat Gan, in conflict of interest by being handled by his role of contractor and developer in the city,
Including issues related to enforcement that is required for their business, while the two had a connection
For the purchase of private property that was owned by the senior contractor. In addition, according to the findings of
The investigation offered the bribes to municipal inspector when you reach enforcement project operation conducted
In the city.
At the end of the investigation,

Police station that formed the evidentiary offenses
Fraud and breach of trust by the Mayor of Ramat Gan, Israel singer, cultural Manager סמנכ״ל
The municipality Amnon and the senior supervision.
The investigation will be delivered in the coming days to Tel Aviv Attorney (taxation and Economics), which
Accompanied the investigation, inspection and decision.

Translated from Hebrew