Expanding the use of an unmanned vehicles give operational leverage and maintain human life.

A special robot to collect intelligence in subterranean complexes, and also performs terrestrial maneuver before. 2015 comes as new long to cut Gaza tours

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

זרוע היבשה
טכנולוגיה בצה”ל

When you look at the changing threats the various borders, hard to see
Future defense without the increased presence of the manned vehicle (Rav).
In fact, the dry arm aim to increase the number of these toolbar within a decade, and more advanced exist today. In dealing with the threat mtatzm, for example-in the future will bear Warriors team on their backs a robot could do the scan for underground areas.

Expanding the use of an unmanned vehicles give operational leverage and maintain human life.

ה”רובוט-married soldier,” one of these inventions started with planned, used mainly the fighters alive and engineering in underground warfare (), and his role will be to make and collect information for the warriors. “The target is to bring portable robot task, I can work a few hours,” said the IDF site call head of mobility and best Robotics programs in, Maj. Lior Trabelsi.

When it comes to health, there is a risk for the Warriors: If in danger of collapse, capture or even lighting and breathing problems – it’s risk level assignment. “Robot can compromise, and he’s not dealing with lighting issues, or breathing,” explained
Major Trabelsi delights. Also, the robot will structure and mapping capability tunnels, to thank her they know the exact appearance before you enter it. At the moment the robot through a tender, in partnership with the FA (the Administration for the development of weapons and technology infrastructure) within the Ministry of Defense, which gets to combine experiments and tests before use.

Another future actor in the scene as the manipulated is called the “loyal partner”. This is an unmanned vessel has same maneuverability standard patrol vehicles like APC, or that he can assemble additional weapons and maneuvering. “The robot will be used
As the “front staffed,” said Maj. TRABELSI. “He knows to travel and cargo, and sources. In addition, he knows to close fire circles, even those who are not direct.

The development process of the robot in collaboration with PHA, currently under research and development. Prototype should be ready towards the end of the program.
“His advantage is that he lowers the risk of the Warrior,” explained Maj. TRABELSI and sharpened, “he could perform tasks without consideration of risk or of manpower.
He can stay in the field, to perform precise task and give a relative advantage.

The new Rabbi of Gaza border

The vehicle models have become a familiar landscape in southern command for years after the IDF decided to invest in this project is resource-intensive, the company contributed
Current security activity on the fence, and it works in all weather conditions.
One of the main advantages of using these tools prevent kidnappings and reducing injury to human life.

These vehicles are fitted with sophisticated cameras, and perform an unattended tours around the Gaza Strip. To see the combination of increasing as there is no need to look years ahead: at the beginning of the year 2015 is expected to obtain, “the borders” into operational use. This is a company that will protect the borders and border patrols on the Gaza Strip.


Expanding the use of an unmanned vehicles give operational leverage and maintain human life.

Get placed on the Ford 350 truck platform, which is being upgraded and remote control. “He can load excess baggage – Kiss,
Observation and other elements could not be put on the current Rabbi, “said Maj. TRABELSI. “The media will be enhanced and will be different. This upgrade of all
In the existing system, “he explained.

The system expands in the laughing stock, so that dominates the sector starts Jack and tools run former Soviet Union. Another major advantage
Is the fact that you obtain also can be run from a remote control vehicle. “You can be mobile vehicle for all kinds of places where there is no infrastructure of חמ”ל, as the West region, said Maj. TRABELSI.

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