Eye of the Tiger: open recruitment to the Kfir Brigade

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Every recruit, you join a year ago about his experiences of operational unit: “everything I learned in training become instinct.”

תאריך: 18/11/2014, 09:07    
מחבר: יאן מאיר, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014

A day after completing a course of snipers, his colleague, corporal albakri Kfir Brigade going to test at the height of “operation return”. Disorderly in Hebron leaves, and a pop-up albakri to help disperse the demonstration. “A sniper needs to measure AIDS as Greece and wind, and a table with data that helps boost,” says cpl. albakri. “Because I had no hokptzati. Was the weapon. “

Together with the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Shahar tiling, cpl. albakri rises to a vantage point.
300 meters from goal and settled behind heater to astvat. The Mag points out his poor Goosey that power. “He stood on the roof of a building and threw blocks for members
Mine. He could kill them, “recalls cpl. albakri. “Meg says to me: ‘ you have shootings. I shoot and hurting his knee, all without auxiliary equipment. Then I see
It falls. That’s something I will never forget in life.

Eye of the Tiger: open recruitment to the Kfir Brigade

CPL. albakri

Albakri joined the Kfir Brigade in November 2013, along with cpl. Jonathan granot. Shortly after the training began “operation return”. “I was there when the bodies of the boys were shpino hostage, cpl. granot. “After the evacuation, while we were in percolation
Back to the company, suddenly we heard ‘ bang ‘. Throwing a block that shattered the window behind. Was only two days, I haven’t done anything except shooting a gun.
Suddenly I’m in the middle of a huge disturbance. “

For the conduct of cpl. migraines and the cm and the driver, traveled with three managed to escape from the village. “I realized everything I learned in training become instinct.
When you get to a real event, it all goes with you to action, “says cpl. granot.

Eye of the Tiger: open recruitment to the Kfir Brigade

CPL. granot

With all the difficulties that are training fighters, and cpl. granot albakri agree on the main thing that helps you for our members. “No matter how hard and how much space you’re nervous, you always have some folks who make fun of you, and nothing can be done-you laugh”, corporal granot. “You can’t be angry. That’s what gives you the strength to continue,
No matter what “.

Translated from Hebrew