Far from home, focused on the goal: paratroopers summarize 15 days of fighting in Gaza

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Special: after battles, finding and destroying tunnels, uncovering weapons and preventing acts of terrorism-the paratroopers completed tasks in the Gaza Strip: “every job-we ran all the way.”

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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Over 50 days paratroopers fighters something away from home. With the end of operation ‘ brothers ‘ return, which took part in the search for the three boys in Judea and Samaria, they were sent South to train and prepare for her task will require. A day.
Thursday July 17th began overland campaign during operation “Cliff”, and they moved to an operational activity in the Gaza Strip. During fifteen days operated parachute forces in the Gaza Strip, during which they fought battles against terrorists when encountered, traced Pirie
Tunnels and destroy them, uncovered weapons in terrorist operatives schools prevented attacks and intrusions involving Israel territory and remained alert around the clock. Now that you have finished
Tasks and returned to refresh the Earth, they recreate events in a special interview to the site.

“The pressure is primarily before entering”

For two weeks, paratroopers were fighters in uncertainty. They practice and prepare every single day for a task that may be given them until finally arrived: entering the bottom of the Gaza Strip. “We had orders to arrange admission. We got all the necessary equipment to the bottom, we have buses to the rally grounds and waited for dark, “recalls one fighter Regiment of the Division, cpl. Samuel. Is a lone soldier from Miami and was scheduled to be released from the Israel Defense Forces during the fighting but had decided to stay. “We started to walk. I was the first-division. We crossed the fence, and we heard the sound of artillery and bombs. It was very loud and the explosions were, “recalled cpl. Samuel at the moment
Cross the fence. “I won’t forget this moment forever.”


Far from home, focused on the goal: paratroopers summarize 15 days of fighting in Gaza

“We got to the bus and waited for dark. Photo: IDF spokesman Gadi yampel

Also for the icon serves as a medic in the battalion, now crossing the fence and the hours that preceded her were significant. “There’s a lot of pressure but Medic’s mission,” he says. “The pressure is mostly before, because I didn’t know what. As we entered I memorized in advance while the Halacha-how to run anyway. If a friend gets hurt or injured, what the procedure in every limb, described.


Far from home, focused on the goal: paratroopers summarize 15 days of fighting in Gaza

First, the Division held that it is a matter of
Just a few days, and will soon be able to return to their parents. “Get ready for 24 hours, but quickly realized it was not the case here,” noted corporal Samuel. “We thought going in and out-but it’s another day and another day and no one knew what would happen in a minute, an hour,” adds cpl. Stanley is also a lone soldier serving as a soldier in the regiment.
“The uncertainty is difficult, but I knew that I have to emigrate-to be alone, even for a few years.

Despite the prolonged stay in the Gaza Strip and the intense combat mission remains fighting eyes the whole time. “We don’t stop. The us-we had to destroy the tunnels of terrorists to Israel and could harm Israeli citizens, “said cpl. Samuel. The feeling, the days become week and then two weeks — but not decreased level of vigilance for a moment. “We worked, we were just in case cities with poison and weapons ready for development,” he reveals.

Far from home, focused on the goal: paratroopers summarize 15 days of fighting in Gaza

Rabbi Shmuel clear what allowed them to continue to operate effectively, they came prepared for this operation. “Everything we worked on in training and translation training. Even the smallest things we learned in training:
Fight, two pairs of columns or on time — all influenced “lists.
“A journey of 60 km beret prepared us for this moment-walk into the Gaza area, with nobody backs his distribution. This isn’t kindergarten, that paratroopers. When we are required to work. “


Life-saving decisions on the battlefield.

The Division deployed activity on different areas in the Gaza Strip, when 3rd Battalion was responsible for the tour’s three major attacks in various areas. “Every time we numbers. Ruled the area, and when we finished we went task for a new mission, “explains a control Spire h bomb squad and engineering (פלחה”ן) in Geddes paratroopers, symbol. “Our stay there and we found them, along with fresh bombing houses where weapons were found. His troop, being an engineering company, a deal in the sector increased significantly in relation to the rest of the Regiment, and dealing with the threat.

Although he came ready, the fighters don’t know war. Just Dor more commanders recognized that fighting in Gaza alleys, the casbah of Nablus and fights battle of Bint Jbeil. For most fighters, most of them no longer attended the school in those days, “Cliff” is the first time they fight in enemy territory. In firing exercises.
Cardboard targets don’t return fire now is a situation where you also shoot back.
It’s scary, but we won’t let fear paralyze us, “says Sergeant Yehuda on the fighting.
On the outskirts of Gaza City.

Far from home, focused on the goal: paratroopers summarize 15 days of fighting in Gaza

During the fighting, as a religious symbol of Judah interpreted many events conferences, but he was also correct decisions received in combat
Leading to success. “The method stipulated was performing drill. In retrospect we know that prevented the death of soldiers, “said Sergeant Yehuda. This method
Particularly important was the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Yoav baachltotav, who, according to his subordinates, that lgdud there were no fatalities. “This method has saved our lives,” recalls Sgt. chest, used as the command connection. “Meg says all the time: ‘ I’m going to get all my troops home. Therefore, we slowly worked a two-sided shooting and suspect we preferred to run fire armor, artillery or air force.

Far from home, focused on the goal: paratroopers summarize 15 days of fighting in Gaza

“This method has saved our lives.” Photo: IDF

During combat, the decisions are a matter of life and death.
Every choice you made was a calculated risk, and many of the decisions in retrospect as a reality of life. An example can be seen in the story in which raised suspicions among the Warriors tour about
The House-building and decided to observe him in shifts. “We have seen all sorts of suspicious changes and realize there’s someone there,” recalls Sgt. Roy, a medic in Geddes. “despite the risk and understanding that the House could be booby trapped, decided to wing it and went inside. As with logs he found in the House where the aghalim still hot hookah and it realized that the person who was in the House escaped with entry. “At home we found observation logs and weapons,” notes Sergeant Roy. “Apparently whoever was there planning to make against us attack, and alertness of our observation team managed to prevent an attack on the company.
We attack for its brave decision to go though the catch, “he adds.

Sanctification and phylacteries on the outskirts of Gaza Strip

During their stay in the Gaza Strip were cut off from news of fighters on the ground. Even the Saturdays they moved away from their families at home, but with their friends.
Kiss. Although keeping the Sabbath mode does not start, try to specify in a unique way. “Appreciation and assumed the name tefillin Kiddush,” recalled Sergeant Yehuda
And claims this experience you will never forget. “It’s a State of mind control and therefore we’re going to do whatever it takes for the job, but still wanted to insert symbols to remember this special day. We sang songs Saturday and tried to eat something different. “

Upon return to the country, the warriors and refreshing look with pride on the accomplishments of the many military in reach. “Every job that we gave our all the way”, says Sergeant. This feeling also partners to the fighters. “Each of us is maybe a small bolt, no choice but to do all our actions, and we are ready and alert to other tasks, I’m aplacha logo agreement.

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