Fifth candle with a combination, which celebrates five years establishment

צילום: עמוד הפייסבוק של “נצח יהודה”

About 4,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews serve in the IDF-netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers to technicians and skilled intelligence professionals. Head of integration of Haredim in care: “we were able to produce suitable conditions for ultra-Orthodox army”

תאריך: 01/12/2013, 14:53    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


Hanukkah holidays in Israel until five years ago, could be seen, with a black cap and sideburns, just people coming to dinner the soldiers and give them a little holiday spirit. Today, things are different. “With Israel in lighting candles, and unlike the days when the only Haredi came from outside-there are Haredi soldiers everywhere,” said head of integration of Haredim (h) now, Maj. Amir Mahadi. “Thousands of soldiers who report found all this basically forces the real impact on the people’s Army for the preservation, nowadays most people continued to serve in the army and protect the country,” said.

Generation soldiers, and the soldiers will all-Haredi Israeli army today who, candle at home with his family, who with his space fighters, indicating five years for construction of the section. “In five years the section came from a situation where there are about 200 soldiers, 4,000 ultra-Orthodox Israeli soldiers serving today. It has a population increase in recruiting, “said a. רמ”ד, a Sergeant Jose Klar. “Every year the proportion of recruits
Grow by approximately 20 percent and added new tracks, “major Ahmed elaborated.

Today the extensive report tracks and IDF troops are charedim-the army and intelligence, teleprocessing and force the HFC. Expanding routes, and planned additional combat battalion today, the last bagius forever-the two companies first showed his favor. Last year only three were new recruits bases designed to absorb the trainees the many Haredi camp Dotan נח”ל level, and a new Center where 20.

In section 8, in charge of all the soldiers, and integration of recruitment can see soldiers of the ultra-Orthodox sector – there are Spaniards, and devotees itais three Yiddish speakers. They are information centers for the army, and serve as consultants in all Western Orthodox theme. “we are creating a new sort of ultra-Orthodox, and were part of writing education portfolio to the Haredi soldiers in the IDF”, he added.

New education portfolio in to fresh recruits training Regiment netzah Yehuda battalion, not meant to influence her experience came from the House, and in the spirit of the motto “combine but not modify.  In addition, the section is in contact with Hasidic youth institutions.

For many of the positive in the last five years some impressive results:
Netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment nominated for Chief of staff, who trails report found soldiers soldiers in racing, and in recent polls is about 91% of netzah Yehuda battalion and Regiment that report are in labor or in academia.

Many of the tracks on their sign, and there are dozens of officers from that report.
They chose to leave their home for a few months and make it 1. “We do the work.
Our best and better than we expected “, said a. רמ”ד, a Sergeant Jose Klar. “As far as we’re concerned the section worked. We were able to produce suitable conditions for the ultra-Orthodox in the IDF “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew