First: complex opened dedicated for ultra-Orthodox recruits enlist

The complex is located in tzrifin armament school, where anxious soldiers provided kosher meals. Also combined Torah classes base

תאריך: 19/11/2013, 17:12    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל


In the near future is expected several ultra-Orthodox army recruits in dozens
Percent. The IDF conducted to satisfy the needs of the soldiers, and they can learn Torah and eat kosher food. Boot new complex erected in the training base for the arms trades in tzrifin (20) and is ready to satisfy all the conditions required.
All of them ultra-Orthodox Haredim integration courses (h), as well as supporters of the troop’s fighting netzah Yehuda battalion “— will follow the initial training.
This week held a special visit, led by אט”ל head, Gen. Kobi Barak and אכ”א Ali love champion. The Champions Tour various facilities and chat with staff and recruits basic training. “אט”ל is the country’s largest logistics. Bigger than logistics organization in citizenship, and there are a range of roles to supporters of fighting “,
אט”ל head to recruits. “Whoever comes to our server, supply Division has significant service.
We give it professionals can take to private life as a car mechanic and or drivers can provide permanent routes. To me you are the ambassadors in your houses, and the IDF will do everything to meet your lifestyle, “said adding that” we all have one goal: keeping this country safe “.
The generals spoke then with rookies, and ask about their plans during and after their release. “I feel like it’s my ticket to Israel,” said Pvt. Joseph Isaac Leeson, one of the rookies that converse with the champion. “Give myself to whatever role”, said.
Until the construction of the complex, the ultra-Orthodox recruits were trained in basic training bases exist. the new complex was constructed so that it can operate independently, and there are all the requirements
Of basic training for specialised classes: Orthodox passing classes, and showers, dining room kosher and a synagogue of prayers.
ת”ש Services provides that Heather and medical issues, a doctor and paramedic handle l in the following cycles
The complex will also sport classes fitness and hope. “The complex gives the ultra-Orthodox soldiers all required needs”, said head of the ordnance, major Yaniv Biton. In addition, her armament hope that establishing premises complex will encourage them to choose to join the technological role in the ordnance Corps. “Our goal to take an active role in integrating the ultra-Orthodox soldiers, exposing them to technical professions that exist in the ordnance Corps. It will allow significant service and purchasing professionals to live on, “described the arms Commander, Colonel Ben-harush.

Are underway to increase the number of ultra-Orthodox recruits

The first draft was opened already in October, when shlmaala than 40 Orthodox Jews populated the new complex. In addition to the basic training, for an hour.
Daily transported them in class. ” They don’t want to distinguish them from other troops, said the Commander of the Division rookies, second lieutenant David Ben-Haim. “They came here to get discipline and values, and it’s our job to give it to them,” he added.
Ultra-Orthodox recruits ages ranging from 18 to late 20s, some of them already have business degrees.
The other woman left at home, caring for their children. Despite the difficulties, they show high motivation, and dream of a permanent service. “I wanted to join the army, and I
See myself coming here and possibly serve as an officer, “said corporal Ofir Hadad, a rookie.
The freshmen class. “In civilian life I’m a professional actor, but in case
I need to invest my efforts in the army “, he said.
Those who still find it difficult to adjust.
The military system and rigid discipline of recruit training is supported most, Captain Menachem jibli, who also serves as the lender of the soldiers. “These are people you can talk
Them at eye level, next they want to join the army, “said Sgt.
Liraz, platoon Sergeant.
From 2012 the number of Haredim in Israel Defense forces recruits more than 40 percent in 2012 enlisted some 1,500 soldiers as part of h. ו’נצח Yehuda, as opposed to 2013 it expected to enlist to its more than 2,000 soldiers. As of this year, more than 3,000 soldiers in the IDF. As part of preparations to increase religious personnel were dedicated tracks for the ultra-Orthodox recruits wings and commands, and new roles are built.
Air force established
The “defenders of the Negev”, which are designed to keep air force bases in the South and other ultra-Orthodox soldiers serve as firemen Corps bases. The technological and Logistics Directorate are combined as ordnance engineer units and technologies in tbergo intelligence Corps as an intelligence and investigators classified units.
In testing now can establish a Haredi customs training course or to put them in the housing. “All the routes are examined carefully, and we make sure that they are appropriate to new recruits at all.
Aspects, “explained Rabbi, Rabbi Shimshon major integrating Haredim.” religious aspect has been tested, but also krditatia important role for citizenship-a soldier can make the experience accumulated after his release from the army, “he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew