First exercise examined “Wi-Fi” deals as an alternative to the traditional networks

תרג”ד ‘איילים’ בפיקוד צפון. צילום: דובר צה”ל. בתמונה הקטנה: רס”ן צחי לוי

New technology will allow various forces to exploit in parallel connection points. The capabilities are expected to help improve the speed of the charge into enemy territory

תאריך: 15/01/2014, 11:31    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל


The high point of her observer Lieutenant Commander ‘ deer ‘, the major ICT North Tzahi Levi, can absorb in one shake Syria and the Lebanon, too.
When he looks to the right, the foothills of Mount Hermon. When he makes his head to the left, is the Lebanese Shia villages across the border, and in his mind he sees Hezbollah activists the moves.

His vision is that one day, when the IDF will require moving some channels, possibly with two outs, he can provide radio communications in addition to several companies.
One contact point. He imagines a swarm of fighters circling the mountain straddles and feed on one technology infrastructure It is also important to improve the initial onslaught
To the border, and then maneuver in enemy territory, no contact means infrastructure.

First exercise examined “Wi-Fi” deals as an alternative to the traditional networks

The latest technology called ROIP (Radion on ip and the Rams ‘ Brigades ‘ is the first time she’s been tested widely. “The technology we provide contact points which cover different areas, so you never have to worry about his personal station, and he can run and just connect to another power station,” the Deputy “it changes the perception that suddenly felt more flexibility. During the charge, the Chief’s vehicle driving on a mountainside, they can disconnect and connect to networks, “he explains.

Until now, the relationship was built upon steps-contact point sent signals battalion Brigade Commander, Division to Division, and so on until you get to the Joint Chiefs. The advantage was, in fact, every Commander met the coordinators whom worked out beforehand. However, the main advantage of the new system significantly-it mcsmat tkshovis resources in relation to the cell surface.

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Technological capacity required in order to use developed ROIP Raphael, but it relies on infrastructure that already exists in. ”
You can perform remote takeover-someone in the neck that connects to the post and open the station to other users “means a Deputy.

During the visit the Deputy Battalion founders link nodes worldwide. “It’s changing drsiti. It’s like a cloud.
You can think of it like a man walking in the street and connect to free WI-FI in the café or a telephone, two subscribers can talk about simultaneously, “a Deputy trying to simplify it, change it to terms. Depending on the success of the exercise. “consider deployed throughout the IDF”, he reports.

Translated from Hebrew