First step: today joined the Warriors combat engineering corps

לוחמי הנדסה בשטח. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

During November 2013, raising the numbers what expect fresh fighters during training. From a engineering: “we perform quality work, quiet and professional behind the scenes, and remain relevant to the changing light”


תאריך: 26/11/2013, 13:12    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת ודניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

הנדסה קרבית
גיוסי נובמבר 2013
חשיפת המנהרה בעין השלושה
זרוע היבשה

Fresh engineering fighters
When they arrived this morning (Tuesday) to exchange the best expected many challenges on the way from military tunnels discovered this month in the Gaza Strip and the northern boundary changes. Commander (soldiers training base), Lt.-Col. Sharon Haddad, who is in charge of training the fighters, said that “in light of the changing reality, we become the new warriors training as relevant to the challenges around.

First step: today joined the Warriors combat engineering corps

The commander said that the motivation for raising a very high force. “After years of
Quality work, quiet and professional behind the scenes. When we hear about the operational boundaries made by a particular power should always remember that we have opened the way for her appointment and especially our means, “said the Commander of a engineering. Lieutenant Colonel hone said in addition that in the current cycle, all the fighters who had tried to force him creeps.
“In working around the clock, and emergency operations and ongoing security”.

First step: today joined the Warriors combat engineering corps

As mentioned, this month reported that terror tunnel was uncovered within the Gaza Strip and blew by
Special engineering forces in operation which wounded five soldiers. Therefore, Lieutenant Colonel Hadad explained that the route to the current recruitment period, changes have been made based on challenges. “At the end of each training, we conduct research and generate lessons learned, so that we can bring them to the next recruiting cycle In the current cycle, we decided to make more intensive training in terms of physical fitness, engineering capabilities and living order
That would be more relevant to the changing challenges all the time “, said Lieutenant Colonel hone. He added
“We see what happens in the countries around us, learn how the enemy thinks and update
Our capabilities accordingly.

First step: today joined the Warriors combat engineering corps

In the coming months will be the freshest moandesim long and grueling itinerary,
Who buys them their fighting capabilities as infantry fighters fighters and combat engineering
In particular. “We want first and foremost to make soldiers-warriors when it comes to outward bound thing, physical fitness, marksmanship and צה”ליים and values, “the Commander of soldiers should they bring” then make the fighters fighters and teach them the various engineering professions — including sabotage, mining and all, “he added. After buying fresh fighters to the abilities, they will focus on teamwork as a class and as a training company.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Hadad said that there are many demands from the fighter combat engineering corps.
“Is expected to be. Secondly, there must be a physical and highly technical and decision-making ability under high pressure, ability to work in a team and cooperation, as well as motivated and a sense of mission, “said the Commander, adding that” with understanding why he should perform his duties “. He finally wished
The Commander of a combat engineering “in the new sense of mission and trust on commanders and friends even when driving, and most importantly-they all get across the finish line in one piece.”


Translated from Hebrew