Foiled smuggling 240 egg cartons piracy: today-egg bomb

לוחמי המשטרה הצבאית עם הסחורה שנתפסה. “פיגוע מסוג אחר”. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The eggs were hidden in truck with double-wall technique in recent months ever. The battalion commander foiled an exception event, “potentially dangerous perception that indicates sophistication.”

תאריך: 12/06/2013, 13:55    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

משטרה צבאית
גדודי המעברים

Taoz Battalion soldiers of the military police, in charge of the security crossings in Judea and Samaria, yesterday (Thursday) in transition, figs with double wall trying to smuggle 240 egg cartons to Israel markets. “Today, tomorrow it could be a bomb,” said battalion commander Lt. Col. Amir, the taoz Zuber. “We saw just last month four other cases in which tried to pass a similar technique even in
(Stay in) and Hummel (weapons). Criminal event could serve as a platform for פח”עי channel (hostile terrorist activity),” he added. “The smugglers are getting more sophisticated.”

Several suspicious symptoms provoked the attention of the military police soldiers.
“The truck was almost empty, and was cooled from the inside though not contained nothing going. When the soldiers were on the truck floor was shaking because she wasn’t “, said Lieutenant Colonel to determine Zuber. Security character (a) asked the driver to take the little truck equipment-lift the floor and found the eggs. “It’s an unusual concept in size”, said battalion commander.

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Food smuggling itself lies danger. “It’s a different kind of attack”, said Majid taoz. Balls, who passed control of the Ministry of health can get involved, or to be held in sanitary conditions. “These eggs can then reach my plate, and every citizen in this country,” added Meg minimum penalty for this event is 28,000. פיצו”ח unit of the Ministry of agriculture stopped the driver and confiscated the truck.

The double wall, changing the structure of a vehicle for smuggling or hide various things, including
In and, is a major risk, and the discovery by Mae lies in you. “The soldiers discovered alertness and sharpness and professionalism”, praised Lt. Col. to Zuber.

Translated from Hebrew