Following the “Cliff”: increased motivation to raise to the armored Corps

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The onion was armor defense cadets perform “Cliff” vowed the army last week and showed lower percentage average cycle Eagle • professional training based on the operation.

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After the shizafon way, to the ceremonial position of Latrun: the onion was armor defense cadets perform “Cliff” pointed in larvae and present significant
The motivation for service in the force, reflected in the refusal rate and Eagle. Last week, members have sworn and inaugural idado bumpy known words ‘ and to sacrifice
‘ Life seemed full of meaning and the tangible rookies.

The current period is the first period when exercising regularly for shelling, issued soon on sale “Cliff”. In addition, professional training based on the operation, a few more changes shnizni through it.

Part of the armored Corps in the ground maneuver in cliff “is great, and
Significant fire supplied by the many achievements. “During the operation demonstrated the force to place at the top of the land maneuver,” said the Chief Executive Officer, Brigadier General, olansky Samuel at the inauguration. “In the future our business units will continue to stand as cliff, and pave the State security in zachlian”.

Moore straight from the battlefield.

For a strange people (armor), Lieutenant Colonel Kevin, this is the seventh and final draft that runs under training. “Their recruitment is the most incredible rush I’ve ever had,” he said in an interview to the site. “typically the recruiting Member say to themselves, well, I steal a half-hour in bed, and spread over draft
Two or three days. This cycle simply ticked the stations haiolle chain and jumped on a bus, came the same day. It was unusual. They just came with lightning in his eyes, “described.

Following the “Cliff”: increased motivation to raise to the armored Corps

The inaugural ceremony. Photo: IDF

The campaign accompanied recruits before the boot camp, and continued throughout. Some of the command staff was sent to the front, the operation spoke on several occasions with the rookies, and descended to reassembly. “Not all back get to hear stories of fresh combat Brigade Commander 460, talk to the fighters,” one of the company commanders, Captain Rotem yehezkeli. “We see the impact of this on them. They are very interested and straining, and the atmosphere here very motivated, “concluded.

Indeed, the operation is evident on defense cadets Corps, heard from ware (battle heritage) straight from the battlefield. “I have friends who already fought rionerim. When I hear their stories, I realize that everything I do in boot camp I might make in six months, “said IDF site private Eviatar Attias, shortly after swearing an oath with his friends.

70% against infantry soldiers and guerrilla techniques, 30% anti-tank warfare

In recent years, many changes were in the armored Corps and
It also changed the training. Changing led centres and is spread over six years, about the theory and battlefield awareness. “Six years ago we teach
70% of the time for anti-tank warfare, and 30% against infantry soldiers and guerrilla techniques, “said Lieutenant Colonel. “Today it became 30 percent tanks and 70% guerrillas. We teach how to guide
The House, where the aim to sit where hidden anti-tank. this system has proven itself in combat in Gaza. “

The most significant change to the Majles, he changed the team changed from faculty. He said that most members of the command are coming.
To control the schools and high investment in them. “Extended staff preparation, and added training. When I started the military command was very stiff, but today’s emphasis on charge at eye level, which brings up the prospects for performance
High, testified. “The midldlim Eagle has only gradually gain direct commanders. Because of the relationship and the trust that they buy, the soldiers of motivation and determination.

Finally, Lieutenant Colonel innocent of newly established company, it should rest.
Army. Four months ago the company established Tiger-fighting supporters company
To enlist in the rioneries and hands. From far out of 220
Pro combat armored brigades “. “It’s changing my perception is important because now we no longer need to be based on of Eagle. As a former sales, I can testify to how big the importance of these troops battalion “.


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