Following the fighting in the center of the country.


“Following the Warriors ‘ launched in the Etzion Brigade in central command, learned about 3,000 of the legacy of the combat area specific

תאריך: 10/04/2014, 13:11    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

For the first time: “following the Warriors ‘ comes to approximately 3,000 hatm Etzion: Lesh (candidates for security service) attended the event, which took place in Kfar Etzion and intended to raise the motivation to raise significantly.

The event was organized by חטמ”ר Etzion in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense to bring the IDF’s battle heritage students too. “The project was inspired by similar projects conducted for nearly a decade in the Golan Heights, led by retired Brig. Gen. yedidya, told IDF Col. סמח”ט Etzion site AJAX fares. “The Golan Heights are coming mainly from Tel Aviv area students North and lived in the South less exposed to legacy content made
Same for the call-up, “Deputy Commander of the Brigade.

High school students who came to the event to let advanced technology and sophisticated weapons which are used by the IDF after also won the way they operated, the display purpose that led to the Kfir Brigade fighters.

Additional content provided to high school kids were an overview of the heritage and history of Gush Etzion, including the heritage and protecting the area from recent events before the establishment of the State until the battle of Gush Etzion in the war of independence. “Beyond exposure to IDF units, the aim was to encourage Mel to enlist for service as, for example, and the pilot,” noted סמח”ט Etzion.

According to Lieutenant Colonel fares, the Gush Etzion area event among the students in the South.
The IDF’s battle heritage, and highlights the importance of protecting them. “Although recruitment rates to fight, but we can’t rest on our laurels,” he said. “You have to continue to work to bring quality people to fight,” concluded.

Translated from Hebrew