For 30 years the purple Brigade: 30 facts you didn’t know about “Giv’ati”

Why choose Fox Division symbol? What does “Giv’ati” infantry? And why “Giv’ati”? All the answers

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Giv’ati “reconstruction” was established in 1983.

The Division was named after the Givati Brigade “during the independence war and disbanded after” operation kadesh “as part of the restructuring carried out.

Renewable Division was established on the basis of “almond” battalion come from the legendary land cruiser almond was established in June 1958 and worked in the southern command.

The first Commander of the regiment was Colonel Yehuda Duvdevani.

The logo combines symbolic in the past with the present. The icon looks like a sword that symbolizes the fighting spirit, Fox, symbolizing the Samson’s foxes (patrol of
Old infantry). In addition, the color blue is testimony to the original designation of the Division – landing from the sea, and the yellow represents the desert land of southern Israel, the dedicated figure of the Division.

According to the heritage Division of the icon source is tashach battles.
The Arabs feared commando raids of omshon foxes, surround the battery ishoviiham
In order to constitute an obstacle to intruders.

In its mission, the Division was to be a sort of equivalent to Brigade u.s. Marines –
Infantry fighters who specialize in breaking from the sea with landing craft and will be responsible for the tasks of the sea, a monachtot off with the beginning of the 1990s, so the Givati Infantry Brigade became irregular.

After the Givati Brigade got landing mission, carried out special training with the Navy and the warriors who have completed professional training also won the cover mask (crocodile), which over time became a warrior mask, until replaced with the current mask.

“Purple water” tale — he because the desire to make ל”מארינס” and to break.

Givati Brigade is young, which explains the fact that still no רמטכ”ל counter which Division.

Colonel Giora Eiland, who served as Commander of the Division, says that despite the long jumpers, he identified with symbols and the infantry reached the Division. The roll call with company commanders of the Division ensure that the purple beret wearing as staying in the army, and indeed it was.

Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg is the only member of the currently popular forum which served as the Givati Brigade in the past.

Givati Brigade – name – this stemmed actually was the name of Shimon Avidan underground, the Commander of the Givati Brigade during the war of independence.

Almond was the troop’s first battalion of the Givati Brigade, and Regiment is a regiment “Rotem the youngest of the three battalions of the regiment.

Which makes it the infantry the only drive to name regiments
Their names – Shaked, Tzabar, and Rotem and Samson’s foxes instead troops numbers.

In recent years, the Special Unit established Givati’s grenade. It was established following
The lessons of “cast” in order to focus on operations in the desert regions of southern command.

In the lower rate on weekends all the divisions alive.

A new shachtiba was still in its infancy, parachuting course Division troops and red boots.

Visit of Lieutenant General, Chief of staff Moshe levy the novices of the Division, one of the soldiers demanded unique beret. Chief Minister: Givati received soon beret

After it was decided that latini will be its own beret – remains only the question of color. The bone marrow
The regiment’s first Colonel Duvdevani re-release came home with berets samples and asked his daughter to choose her favorite color. As girls – purple. Another test passed selection with two soldiers from the battalions of the Brigade loved laptat, also the choice isn’t the routine.

The anthem was written by Amos etinger and composed by effi Netzer. The first, held for approval before the anthem first division was the Division Commander’s vehicle during exercise.

For 30 years the purple Brigade: 30 facts you didn’t know about “Giv’ati”

In the wake of the Division has in recent years in different operations, recruits to the Givati Brigade in November 2006 have been the first to use fully and ה”תבור weapons.

Today the Regiment is used in micro-tavor “weapon”. In November 2012, won the new Division to be the first to receive the personal micro-tavor as already the beginning of boot camp.

Horev was counter to the first division was also underwent a battalion commander in the Givati Brigade.

Givati Museum ב’מצודת, Yoav is Heritage Center to Givati Brigade and
Specifies the historic castle, ‘ the monster ‘ Hill in the South during the war of independence. The Museum aims to present the cooperation between territorial army protection.
In the Museum there are two comprehensive exhibitions-1948 Givati Brigade; Givati Brigade.

Imad fares was the first infantry report grew out of the Division, in addition to being the first Druze marrow.

The series “boot camp,” which starred the purple Brigade has increased the motivation to raise the Division and expanded the public discourse about the Division. Is that the choice is rather
The IDF Givati Brigade’s derived due to low demand for the service.

The saying “hard but fair” General (Res.) Yom-Tov Samia when a Division Commander. This means the training management was tough and demanding and the hōgen and attentive care for soldiers and fighters. By the way, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yom-Tov Samia was commander of one Division below his army service was appointed commander of the southern command.

For 30 years the purple Brigade: 30 facts you didn’t know about “Giv’ati”

Ilan Malka, Givati’s report was first raised in Division major general day and all the roles.

In the early years of the Regiment, the young officers completed training series 1 out and made a solitary navigation 84 km. Beret quest too in those days was 84 miles, Givati’s salon – 84 Division.

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