For the first time: resuscitation front company based on regular forces.

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The staff of the company includes paramedics & medical crutch. The company commander in the construction “ntepkd” each scenario required

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מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

During the last business year medical corps building CPR front company (פלה”ק) on the basis of regular officers and soldiers, will be popular medical reserve and can operate in a variety of scenarios.

The PLA personnel have personal data, you are subject to the designation procedure and company. On abortion included medics and paramedics were instructors at the military medical school mental health team, a team Rabbinate, physicians who have different specialties and administrative and logistics personnel.
The company is built on the basis of manpower and knowledge to address a wide range of degrees-event response to natural disaster
Maneuvering in battlefield medicine with advanced capabilities such as ICU and surgical capabilities.

Last month was held in the targeted establishment and the operational detachment, conducted two weeks ago. The first part focused on training to improve soldiers ‘ operational qualification, all of the scopes, and squad training navigation on foot and in vehicles. Later, when torgla service professional abortion using imagery and absorbing layouts in different layouts and urban space under fire and during the חל”ך attack (chemical weapons).
“The training prepared the company to function in any scenario takes him,” said the company commander, Capt. Dr. David Segal.

In the procedure, the soldiers and officers in the PLA will continue to serve in their roles defined as instructors, paramedics, קב”נים or specialists on duty. In an emergency they will be shortly as the first company in the field. To this end, the medical school (bahad) dedicated for emergency storage. The warehouse stored medical equipment, domestic equipment, vehicles (armoured fighting vehicle) to be used by the company. “The company will examine perceptual laboratory new technologies new technologies we want to put the medical brigades”, said Colonel Danny mosheiov, Commander of the BA.

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Surgical staff of medical corps. “If you notice every year happens event that applies
The medicine takes part “, said Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Colonel Dr. Dodo, when
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