For the first time: special גדנ”ע to Ethiopian parents

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

In addition to the integrated gadn to Ethiopians and prospective fighters in service. רמ”ד preparation for the IDF education Corps:” after such an experience of the parents involved in the recruitment of children, and the military service. “

תאריך: 01/06/2014, 11:15    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

מיעוטים בצה”ל
חיל חינוך

Integrated גדנ”ע: a pilot was launched in August, which was attended by Ethiopian teens gadn
Together with warriors and warriors, “have been a success. Another project in which parents of Lesh (candidates for security service) of the Ethiopian immigrants go to gadn day or two in order to meet the army and opened a few times in the past year the gadn bases throughout the country.

About 40 of the Ethiopian, along with about 30 fighters, arrived last August for a week at the base of the national maritime gadn. “It was a different week than a week regular גדנ”ע, which experienced some of the participants within their schools before, “noted רמ”ד army in preparation
Education and youth, major abdu247. “The meeting at all, beyond gadn and components tampering, even extensive dialogue between the warriors and Soloman on the challenges and difficulties that lie in the military service,” said.

The project took place in cooperation with the ball (integrating Ethiopian) personnel wing and much assistance from “jump up”, which accompanied the entire process and helped to locate the most qualified prospective for that week. “The cooperation was excellent,” noted for רמ”ד.

For the first time: special גדנ”ע to Ethiopian parents

Prior to joining gadn, the warriors came to the day to be exposed to human properties and witness being internalized accents some of the team members during the week. They had to prepare for a situation where after an extended period in the army, had to follow orders and term jobs
Boot camp, all – from basic youth guides. “The fighters retreat it with lots of desire and motivation. Was a very successful weekend, who gave a lot to both sides-Soloman and warriors, “stressed major Finkelstein.

Meanwhile, the number of days an experience designed to Ethiopian parents conducted throughout the year on gadn across the country, though most parents wouldn’t have experienced military service. These were numbered between גדנ”עות for two days, during which wore uniforms and parents experience
Military experiences. “The idea is to allow them to experiment with, and transfer their experience to pass their service in the IDF, we want to create awareness and recruitment service in the IDF also among them,” explained Maj. Finkelstein.

“Unlike the natives ‘ homes, where the familiar theme, most parents not experienced Ethiopian army and not know it. They are not involved in the process of having a child, and we seek to enable them to experience and see the IDF is remote and alienated “, in preparation for רמ”ד. the connection is created through local activities with parents and gadn experience is mostly in the near gadn. Other specific activities gadn bases are planned in the coming year.

During these meetings parents receive explanations about the process, and the importance of the different stations to pass through their recruiting, such as first order. “We assume
After such an experience and interest in parent gets involved, ask your child about his progress and follow the process, “clarified major Finkelstein.

Other specific activities gadn bases are planned in the coming year, and given the success of Ethiopian gadn alongside the fighters Wikipedia is scheduled to run next summer, two in the same cycle.

Translated from Hebrew