For the first time: Warriors carry satellite dishes in operational

Development, the result of significant progress in satellite technology enables high quality communication for special forces ‘ blocked ‘ parts too. Part of the rise in the use of celestial bodies in the IDF

תאריך: 27/12/2013, 13:02    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

Satellites, the highway hymns floating media thousands of kilometers above the forces spread out in space, in meaningful ways to the battlefield. Following the development of technology that once required a professional structure consists of experts, allow initial development to send fighters to task with satellite dishes.

For the first time: Warriors carry satellite dishes in operational

Satellite dishes used. photo illustration: the IDF spokesperson

IDF standing authority is currently providing hundreds of sites link to communication, from Eilat to Hermon. However, problematic areas from the topography, such as valleys and ravines, can hoothr without media coverage and thus
Are sold to productive factors hostile penetration attempts Here comes in satellite communications, and only granted new powers soon.

New development, whose name cannot be published, allowing the fighter to put plate Levin, little that can communicate with the satellite in space. Satellite communications allowing the powers to obtain information, and almost any faster, secure and encrypted. The system was first used in large-scale exercise at the command center a few months ago and tested since several other exercises. She started using special forces.

For the first time: Warriors carry satellite dishes in operational

רנ”ג. “When you depend on a tool that is in space, you prevent problems that might arise in a war.”

This system is only part of the rise in the use of advanced satellite communications in the satellite communications “has some obvious advantages,” explains satellite communications רמ”ד (תקש”ל) Service Directorate’s breastplate units, רנ”ג Kobe. “You have continuous coverage and speed setting up very high, because the work is done in front of a body of martyrs waiting for you all the time and available to service all the time.” In the past, he explains, the officers had planned the layout of their equipment in relatively high places in order to maintain contact with the media, but the n systems give the army the basic operational requirement: ensure communication everywhere during brighter.
Satellite communications is just a middleman, through which you can transfer any data-photos, video call – and information data like Web-based and command and control systems.

רמ”ד רנ”ג, satellite communication, satellite communication systems, both army came together — in 1988. רנ”ג Menashe was drafted as the communications electronics engineer” Emirs “and was trained as a technician” trupo-movie expansion and long-term system based on refunds from the atmosphere and created communications film ranges of 300 miles at that time came to use the systems that were the prototype for צה”לית satellite communications. “It was a very small area and are classified accordingly run by a small team,” he recalled. Over the years the domain move
And developed, and RNA is Sir Manasseh became the ה’טרופו Department and the head of the communications satellite, which began in Amirim. In the early 2000s, it was decided to establish satellite infrastructure project צה”לית, which won for the seventh.

With the arrival of satellite systems abroad are awarded the operational fire ל’טבילת – when the second Lebanon war. “War prey” is mentioned,
“Once the instruments have reached basic competency they were sent to the North and were there with great success –
That’s how we started. In recent years the IDF considered himself a participant in debates and dense space, especially around Gaza. There also exists a clear advantage to satellite communications, which can transfer data regardless of the topographic surface. “During operation cast lead some media used the fighters entered Gaza with the help of satellite communications. That’s the big advantage of satellite communication especially in these moments, “explains רנ”ג. “In an emergency situation of falling missiles and masts. When you depend on satellite that is in space, this problem doesn’t exist. “

Translated from Hebrew